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you are just as simple as that blouse you're wearin'.

I received my Steve Madden Melrow's yesterday in black and brown. So far they are comfortable, but that seems to be my opinion on all shoes when I try them on for the first time. Hopefully these actually are. Right now, I'm tempted to keep all the colors.. again.. creature of habit. We'll see after I receive them in natural how I feel. They really do go well with anything which makes me love them more. This dress is from T by Alexander Wang. Everyone needs a simple t-shirt dress to just throw on and lounge in.. or spruce it up with some jewelry and heels. Great addition to my wardrobe.. I see myself wearing this a lot.

I'm excited for the weekend, Saturday is supposed to be in the upper 80s and I have my first beach volleyball tournament of the season.. it'll be a nice change of scenery.

(dress: T by Alexander Wang shoes: Steve Madden jewelry: Noir, Forever 21, Vivienne Westwood, Made Her Think)

So what do you guys think, black, brown, or both?


Steve Madden Melrow

(miu miu)

(steve madden)

These are called the Steve Madden Melrow's. I spent a week tracking them down everywhere, ordering them from other stores and suddenly they decide to pop up on the site today. Great alternative to the Miu Miu originals, not so tough on your wallet. Available here for $149.95. Use Spring25 to get an extra 25% off. Get them while they last! I'll have pictures of mine when they finally arrive.


She doesn't work on days that end with... ”day."

Typical rainy day.. after work I stopped by Whole Foods and Target. The guy behind me in Whole Foods said he liked my shoes.. funny because most people just stare at the fact that I'm wearing them in the first place. My co-worker commented last week when I wore them that I looked like some sort of asian rocker chick, not that he or I knew what that meant. The shoes are the same ones that I wore in a previous post here. I made the trip to the mall to mostly check out Target and the Zac Posen collection, sadly my Target sucks and didn't have it so the trek out in the rain was for nothing. And yes, this is what I decided my rainy day outfit should be...

(top & blazer: Urban Outfitters leggings: American Apparel socks: H & M shoes: Aldo's jacket: Zara jewelry: Elizabeth & James, Forever 21)

My dog has to butt into everything.

Btw if you want to get the shirt on the dress form in the background, it's available on eBay here.


Don't make me laugh, I'm being photographed.

(top: H&M bottom: J brand jewelry: Elizabeth & James, Forever 21 shoes: Balenciaga) 

I got the bracelet at Forever 21 on Monday, it originally is supposed to be a necklace but I like the way it looks wrapped around my wrist as well. Going along with my love for purchasing the same item in two colors, I got it in gold and silver. It's available here. I love finding jewelry at Forever 21 because it's so wallet friendly.

Slowly playing with the settings on the camera.. my friend is into photography and taught me when I first got it, but since I never got a chance to use it, I forgot most of it. I have all these functions that I don't know how to use which is frustrating.

Lastly, if you notice, I'm wearing makeup in this post. I managed to find a lipstick I like, not much color, great for everyday wear. It's by Smashbox and the color is called Flawless. For more information, click here. Unfortunate, as I've previously mentioned, my knowledge in makeup is limited.. I actually have another friend for that stuff, heh.


I throw up my hands and jut out my hip.

My dog (Penny) is super stubborn and didn't want to cooperate with me. She spent her time eating grass, barking at squirrels, and rolling around in dirt.. not very ladylike of her. I don't have many photos of me holding her because of my tendency to break out into hives when I do.

(top: Urban Outfitters |bottom: J Brand |vest: Urban Outfitters |ring: Elizabeth & James |shoes: Jeffrey Campbell)

Funny, it just makes me feel sleepy.

Experiment with makeup at night because you're going to have to wash your face anyway.. I think I read that in my Urban Decay makeup.. although this is the first time I'm trying it. I don't really use makeup unless I'm going out, but I've begun to experiment since I tend to buy a lot of eye makeup (the only thing I sort of know how to use) and lip gloss/lipstick. Everything else is still a mystery to me. This orange lipstick is by MAC.


who ever told you, you could pull off a leather jumpsuit?

These pants are another item that I just put up on eBay.  I'm trying to control my spending habits and only get pieces that I really love rather than grab anything on sale.  Looks like it's not working too well..

I'll also have the lace top up there and a couple of other items I'm selling. Check out the listing here and here.


okay, true or false... I think you're great?

I purchased this top from Forever 21.. I've been indecisive about it for some time now but I think I'm going to list it on ebay. I just can't find anything to wear it with and I don't love it like I do some other pieces.. I'm getting into the bad habit of just purchasing items from Forever 21 without trying them on because the line is just ridiculous at the one I have to go to...

I like to take pictures in the bathroom, for some reason the lighting is better in there...


You obviously have had a very busy day of crazy

Yes.. crazy.. which is what you probably think I am.

Third day in a row of visiting H&M and I emerged with my blouse, flawless unlike the first one I almost purchased.. however they only had the size that was two sizes larger than the one I had previously tried on. Fortunately for me, I think it all worked out for the best, I am in love with the slightly oversized look when I tried it on.

This would have been a lovely outfit to wear outside... I'll have to soon a) muster up the courage to take pictures walking around the suburbs with blank staring neighbors and b) find someone to take the pictures without my feeling self conscious forcing me to laugh uncontrollably.

We used to have one of these and my mom called it "The Wok." As I got older I understood why she called it that. Right now the real name escapes my mind.. however when she got rid of our old one I just had to buy another. I remember when I was little, I'd sit in the wok and fall asleep reading... now I just throw all my clothes in it, heh. It makes a nice piece of furniture to take pictures with.

(top: H&M bottom: Ruehl shoes: Jessica Simpson tights: Free People rings: Vivienne Westwood, Noir, and Made Her Think) 

The best thing about these tights are the small jewels on them and the fact that they are super easy to pull on (unlike a majority of tights that I have recently purchased). The shorts I'm wearing are unfortunately the only denim shorts I have, I don't even know where to begin to search for more of something similar... please, if anyone knows where I can get some good affordable denim shorts (also would like to make myself some levi cutoffs if possible) let me know!


Part Deux at H & M

Notice my utter laziness..

Unfortunately my dad has come back from Hong Kong making it slightly awkward and nearly impossible to use the same area for picture taking as I did before. I might have to clear some space in my room for it... incentive to actually do some real cleaning up.

More at H&M.. pictured is a long black lace & jersey dress that I tried on... wasn't sure how much I liked it on although now that I see the picture I like it a lot more. The other picture is another typical day outfit for work, yes I can wear leggings to work... pretty awesome.

I also smacked myself against that small mirror behind me a couple of times, not pleasant at all.


I think I know, but I'm sure I don't care

Watched Date Night at the theater in a mall near my boyfriend's place. This was my idon'tcareit'sjustthemall outfit. Stopped by H & M to check out the Garden Collection however this H & M was lacking so I didn't see many pieces. Left with a blazer that was on sale.. and almost left with another blouse that I took a picture of. Most likely would have gotten it too had there not been a couple flaws in this one.. oh well I'll just have to stop by another H & M and grab it.


As much as I'd love to stay here sweatin' with the oldies

My coworker joked today that we'd all lose some weight from sweating so much in our department. The air conditioning is broken which apparently happens every year. This same room had no heat through the winter, leaving us wearing our winter jackets if we wanted to get anything done. Today was a summer day in the middle of spring, but quickly cooled down when I got back home from work.. perhaps because I was allowed to change out of my pants into shorts and was able to get a breath of fresh air.

Finally received the tripod a couple of days ago, this is my first time with it.. it's rather user friendly, reasonably priced and light. Made taking pictures a breeze rather than taking 20 with only 1 usable shot.. this is my lazy it's too hot to care outfit.. I think I'll be wearing a lot of these..

(top: American Apparel bottom: Ruehl shoes: Balenciaga rings: Noir & Made Her Think)

I tried to do a side french braid to get my bangs out of my face. My hair is too thick to do anything good with it when I put it up.. barely stays up nicely with a hair tie.. which I tend to break after the first use.. I'm up for ideas on how to put my hair up, some good hair tie brands, and other miscellaneous things that have to do with my hair.


Cute as a button, but not quite as smart.

Finally a break from all the rain, today and the rest of the week is supposed to be beautiful. Last minute, a family friend of ours asked if I could dog-sit, my dog and this dog are sisters but this dog is from a previous litter. They pretty much get along like two sisters would.. which is good and bad. Unfortunately the title says it all, the one I'm dog-sitting (the black one) has already gone in my house twice in 8 hours of having it. Taking pictures was impossible without having the two of them fighting at my feet, so I gave up and let them roam around. However the black one is super sweet (though not as bright).

On another note, I got my eyebrows threaded today.. I finally found a place that's cheap and close to work so I can keep it up. The woman said my eyebrows are messed up (just like the other 2 places I've got to in my life) and that I should let them grow out for 2 weeks and go back to her so she can fix them. I apologize ahead of time if I look slightly beastly in the upcoming posts.

(top: Free People dress: American Apparel shoes: Sam Edelman rings: Noir)