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Part Deux at H & M

Notice my utter laziness..

Unfortunately my dad has come back from Hong Kong making it slightly awkward and nearly impossible to use the same area for picture taking as I did before. I might have to clear some space in my room for it... incentive to actually do some real cleaning up.

More at H&M.. pictured is a long black lace & jersey dress that I tried on... wasn't sure how much I liked it on although now that I see the picture I like it a lot more. The other picture is another typical day outfit for work, yes I can wear leggings to work... pretty awesome.

I also smacked myself against that small mirror behind me a couple of times, not pleasant at all.


  1. Your boots are amazing!!!!
    Love them!!!
    Btw thanks for your comment!


  2. Gorgeous outfits so far!
    Thank you for your comment! Follow if you like my blog <3
    Xoxo Veronica

  3. you have such a lovely blog- i love your pictures/outfits! i really like that black lace dress, it's totally bomb. hee. <3

    p.s. i'm your newest follower! hooray!

  4. I love your boots! Fringes are awesome!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! I'm a new follower of your blog which is really awesome! Follow me too? :)

  5. thanks so much... i love all of your shoes, i wish i owned some of them!

  6. nice lace dress, looks great!