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Frankenstorm Hurricane Sandy

Currently sitting at home awaiting the arrival of Hurricane Sandy.  I am less than prepared with two large bags of chips mostly making up my food supply.  Figure this is a good time to post about better times and better weather!

Full outfit pictures from the charity cornhole tournament I talked about in the previous post.. I purchased this Zara dress when it was on sale during the summer and it is simply perfect.  It is easily one of the most comfortable dresses I own.  I adore the ability to dress this outfit up or down depending on my footwear.  I'm pretty sure this is the only white dress I own and for good reason.  That day there was a lot of drinking going on (for charity of course) and some lady dropped her cranberry vodka at my feet which proceeded to splatter completely underneath me.  As  rude as some people are, the woman didn't apologize and I spent the rest of the day with reddish tinged splatters all over me.  Since I'm a bit OCD, there was some anxiety for me until I eventually got home, and with the help of my boyfriend, cleaned up the dress pretty nicely.

After this incident, I spent the rest of the tournament yelling at my boyfriend and roommate that they better win because of what happened.. which apparently worked because they did.

(dress: Zara |shoes: Charles David Rally |bag: Mulberry Alexa)


Oh, no! Autocorrect changed "body" to "meat bar."

Flat boots with a dress is tricky being a shorter girl.  I always struggle with finding ways to incorporate more comfortable shoes into my outfits when I plan on standing or walking for long periods of times.  In this case, I attended a charity cornhole tournament (a game I learned from my boyfriend.. that I like to attribute to him being from the Midwest).  My boyfriend and his roommate participated in it while I cheered on.  Here are some close up shots of my shoes and bag.  More to follow.
(dress: Zara |shoes: Charles David Rally |bag: Mulberry Alexa)



Red, white, and blue can be a tricky combination of colors.. unless you enjoy looking super patriotic.  Luckily, the second I walked into work with this outfit, my co-worker complimented me and said it was very "nautical," which had crossed my mind when I put it together.

(top: Stylemint |bottom: abercrombie |belt: Lucky Brand |shoes: Zara)


"Why fit in when you were born to stand out?" - Dr. Seuss

Simple outfit for grabbing drinks in the afternoon in Hoboken.  I adore the pop of neon these Zara shorts give me.. I got them in pink and orange when the Zara sale was happening.  Shorts with some stretch and a top from American Apparel make for one of the most comfortable outfits to date.  I really love how this photo turned out using just my boyfriend's cell phone.. usually I'm jealously looking at iphone users instagram pictures and drooling at all the snapshots.

(top: American Apparel Tri-Blend Raglan Pullover  |shorts: Zara |shoes: Topshop |bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim Mini Pashli)