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Listen, lady, I'll squash you like a wormy apple.

I had almost given up on the general public's fashion sense until I recently encountered some closet fashionistas. For example, today I went to a deli to pick up lunch and while I was paying, the guy at the counter said "Really awesome shoes.." (I was wearing my Chloe Docs as pictured below, but no not that outfit lol). It makes you realize that people are checking out what you're wearing every once in a while, though never in my life would I think a guy would comment on these shoes. Even over this past weekend I was at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and when I showed the inside contents of my bag to the security woman she said "Wow, nice bag.. and I see a lot of bags!" And prior to that, the Wendy's cashier girl complimented me on my AW bag (when I told my friend this, she joked and said "ah yes you buy expensive bags to impress the Wendy's girl at the mall...).

I adore the cut outs on this dress though it has the tendency to make my shoulders much more bulky (and they are already broad to begin with) .. so I make sure I wear my hair down to make it less noticeable.

(dress: RVCA x Rumi |shoes: Chloe Doc |rings: Pamela Love |necklace: Lowluv x Erin Wasson)


So what's cookin,' average lookin'?

I usually am not one to wear strapless anything (specifically because I lack the bust to hold strapless anythings up).. but I did want to show how the Forever 21 skirt can be transformed into a dress simply with a belt. If I could pull this look off without fear of exposing myself to the world, I might venture to wear it somewhere but since I am pretty sure that that is impossible, I'll only be wearing this in the comfort of my backyard.

This is the other pair of new sunglasses I got, Karen Walker Deep Freeze (I've been dying for a pair of Karen Walker's and tortoise, so these are a good mix of both). The mix of leopard and tortoise went surprisingly well. I've decided that only sunglasses that are 5.75 inches or greater can fit the width of my face and these fall into that category. It's good to finally figure out these things rather than struggle with the thought of whether or not something is going to fit my big head. My friend learned a song/poem in Chinese class when we were in high school that went something like, "big head big head, you don't need am umbrella in the rain because you've got a big head." Granted, it was in Chinese and probably sounded better than what I just wrote but the gist is clear considering she thought of me when she learned it...

(dress: Forever 21 |sunglasses: Karen Walker |ring: Elizabeth & James |bag: Balenciaga)


Lord, they're like Siamese twins who are joined at their boring personalities.

Celebratory post for reaching 500 followers! Thanks for all my loyal readers (I know there aren't actually 500 of you so I'm thanking the 5-10 that probably actually loyally tune in haha).. You guys are the reason why I do this!

Anyway, another Topshop dress that is a little bit off, though the color is pretty (as my friend commented, she doesn't normally see me wear color, so it's a bit out of the ordinary for me). I do love the mixture of the dress color and my YSL arty ring, it's probably my favorite part of this outfit.

Thanks again to everyone.. here's to making it to 1000 ;)

(dress: Topshop |shoes: Dolce Vita |necklace: Forever 21 |ring: YSL)


At least Mary Poppins did it with a song and a dance — you're like a spoonful of whoopass!

It's been a rough week but thank goodness it's Friday. I recently received a bunch of goodies from Topshop but not sure how I feel about them. You know when you purchase something and it's just a little bit off so you're unsure of whether you want to keep it? The perils of shopping online, but I definitely prefer it. When asked about where I buy my clothes, I always say that I shop online because there is just so many more choices in styles and designers that you don't get to experience in a store.

(dress: Topshop |shoes: Steve Madden |sunglasses: Chloe |rings: Elizabeth & James, Made Her Think, & nOir)