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You've got the sass, the class, and the ass.

It would be the biggest April Fool's if it snowed tomorrow.

(top: American Apparel |bottom: Stolen Girlfriends Club |shoes: Charles David |necklace: Forever 21|sunglasses: Ray Ban)


So I've decided to take my career in a whole new direction.

I just found out my college friend is leaving for Shanghai with his girlfriend to go start a brand.. or at least redo one. Personally, I find that awesome and told him not to forget me when he gets famous. Also makes me think about my own life a little bit more. It has been suggested I go to FIT to be a merchandise buyer or something. We'll see how that goes and if I can get over the frightening thought of going back to school.. let alone a fashionable place like FIT.

(top & shorts: Urban Outfitters |belt: Ebay |bag: Marco Tagliaferri |rings: House of Harlow & YSL |sunglasses: Proenza Schouler)


Don't let no one in who's not on the list cause this mess is gonna get raw like sushi, so haters to the left.

Friday night was my hang out night with besties from elementary school. Dinner consisted of all you can eat sushi and making fun of our waitress who we were convinced did not know how to smile. Second portion was spent out in the city at a bar called Arctica Bar in NYC which was actually pretty good. TVs everywhere with all sorts of sports and good dance music playing so we mostly kept to ourselves doing some ridiculous dance moves causing no one to be around us. My friend enjoyed going to the bathroom only to come back with a random boy and say "THIS IS MY FRIEND" causing me not to know how to respond and these random boys would walk away (yes I am that awkward.. get a dozen drinks in me and MAYBE I can be social.. or throw up). A fun night of debauchery and friends.. the way it should be.


Can anyone live with a control freak nightmare like you? I'm gonna say "'no."

Not that you would notice it via photos, but all my shorts are a little bit tight. Need to tone up for the summer. I'm sure everyone feels this after a long winter of hibernation and darkness (though bears do it right because they hibernate and don't eat, whilst humans like to eat and not leave the house.. aka me). I'd like to start my beach volleyball season NOT huffing & puffing in the sand grabbing my heart because it feels like it is going to burst out of my chest.

Dear Weather,

Please get nice enough so I will try to convince myself to run around the track near my house even though I hate running.


(top: Erin Wasson x RVCA |bottom: Urban Outfitters |belt: JCrew |shoes: Asos |Backpack: Alexander Wang)

I like this dark brown slightly gothic lipstick I found among my mother's makeup.