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you love those shoes like your own husband

Finally received my Jessica Simpson Dany shoes in tan yesterday, I love the giant platform in the front and the fact that they are sky high, perfect for a short girl like me. Will try to post pictures of the real thing soon but considering the fact that it is snowing currently, I don't think I'll be using these anytime in the near future. Waiting for the black ones that I pre-ordered as well from Victoria's Secret..


and so it begins....

Here we are: two black hair brown eyed asian girls starting a blog on our latest fashion desires/aversions. On the left is me (Anita) and to the right is my blogger in crime (Vivian). We met in college (Rutgers, New Jersey) in 2005. But back then, we were so clueless about high fashion, designers, and the latest trends. It was more about comfy sweats, skipping classes, and eating fat sandwiches. But, we have come a long way since our fashion shy days and we wanna share with everyone our evolving styles on this blog. So, come and take a peek! I hope you enjoy our self portraits and ramblings. =)