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Ohh, I think somebody's just mad because somebody didn't think of it first.

Dug out a sarong a family friend bought for me years ago (10 + probably.. don't know what I was doing with it then..). I actually love the print on it (back then I was all about dolphins apparently) and it's surprisingly easy to make it into a multitude of outfits. I paired leggings with it because it was getting a little chilly but I think I will be wearing this to the beach this weekend... fashionable beach volleyball player haha!

For all you UK readers out there, check out Very. They have a wide variety of leggings, which you can purchase to replicate this look. Also check out their other chic and affordable items!


We're all gonna die. The important thing is what you do while you're here.

Snapshots from Taylor Swift with Nikki. I stuck out like a sore thumb in my sundress and wedges.

Waiting at the train station, snack, adore Nikki's oversized men's Swiss Legend watch, gorging on cookie, expensive chicken finger dinner at concert, typical bathroom photos, Taylor Swift tix


Ring... Hello? What's that? I'm bored? Thanks for calling, bye bye

Randomly went into Sunglass Hut to check out whether they had the Prada sunglasses (and they did!).. so in the post below I tried on a tortoise shelled pair (of course you can't really tell but that's what they were). Unfortunately (or fortunately..) they fit and I fell in love with them. Couldn't get them out of my mind the next day so I went and purchased the black pair during my lunch (after consulting with multiple people who agreed that if I could find a black pair it'd be better due to the interesting shape of the sunglasses already). The Saks by me had one black pair left (as if it was a sign) so I gave in and bought them. Adore adore adore adore adore.

(sunglasses: Prada baroque)


Welcome to the hootinanny

Conversation between me and the bf via text:

Me: guess what i'm wearing tonight
Trevor: daisy dukes and a plaid shirt with the bottom tied up and some boots
Me: (sarcastically) Correct
Trevor: really?
Trevor: no i'm not saying you shouldn't wear it, i was just surprised that i actually guessed it lol
Me: no i'm not actually wearing that trevor...
Me: my goal was totally to dress in a manner that i felt a stereotypically hick dresses

Little did I know, fashion at a Taylor Swift is exactly how my boyfriend envisioned it. My friend Nikki (whom I attended the concert with) made a little collage of the tweens/teens that attended the concert (making me feel incredibly old and second guessing my loyalty/love for Taylor Swift).

For anyone who's a fan sarcastic quips and pop culture, check out Nikki's tumblr here.


You are so quick! Like lightning.

Outfit for Taylor Swift concert tomorrow night:

(dress: Vera Moda |bag: Mulberry Alexa |sunglasses: Karen Walker)


Love you. Love everything about you. Thinking about being you for Halloween.

Weekend recap:

Saturday - Played beach vball (as per usual) and won AA with my friend/partner Ainhoa (very exciting season for me as I am not used to winning tournaments and thought I'd have to come to terms with the fact that it may never happen). Ate Surf Taco (staple around the Jersey shore), it's been a long time I've been able to finish a huge burrito.

Sunday - Headed to Chinatown with bf, Margaret & her bf. Me and Margaret got haircuts while the boys went on a "blind man date." Drastic hair cut for me (mostly because I haven't cut my hair in 6 months or so) and Margaret got a cute bob. If only I could pull off a specific hair style but my hair is just thick, I don't know what to do with it. Thanks to my mom being our tour guide.. ate some delicious Chinese food. Also got to watch my friends play in a volleyball tournament in the city. By the time I got back, I was completely tuckered out and had a well deserved nap.


All my hair on the floor...


I know you have things to do. I mean - there's fashion mistakes to be made and it's probably happy hour at some gay bar.

Last night I went with the bf to Summerstage in Central Park and watched Ratatat perform (by watched I mean listened because I am too damn short to see much). Random rainstorm that caused us to get completely soaked and then the sun decided it would come out so I managed to get somewhat dry (except my butt which was soggy). After the concert we went back to the Port Authority and grabbed some Shake Shack (one of my favorite places to eat when I go to the city)... we were both so hungry we finished our burger and fries in less than 10 minutes and loved every second of it.

Here's the rest of my outfit from a previous post.. I definitely do not wear these scalloped shorts as often as I should..

(shirt: Gifted from friend |shorts: Urban Outfitters |bag: Alexander Wang |shoes: Topshop |bracelets: Links of London & Noir)