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Corter Leather

I love how natural leather takes on the personality of the person who is using it.  All the scuffs just add to the character and beauty of each piece.  A couple of years ago my boyfriend got a natural belt from Corter Leather which allowed him to apply whatever oils he wanted to change the color of the leather.  It has gotten nicer as he's used it, loosened up some and just been a fantastic addition to his wardrobe.  He recently discovered that Corter Leather did a "grab bag" - their version of a sample sale, where you pay $32.50 and they send you some samples from that season that usually double or triple the amount you paid.  Unfortunately he's always managed to miss the new season's grab bags by a couple of days so I kept a look out for him and lucky me, I managed to catch the Summer 2015 Grab Bag right when it started!  We both went in for one, I received mine today and was really happy with what I got, both are beautiful pieces and very much worth what I paid.  These would make a great little gift for Father's Day!  Grab one here today before they're gone!

(Corter Leather)