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cherry blossoms and long walks to the museum

Rather than the typical long walk on the beach, my boyfriend and I took a long walk along Museum Mile to the Museum of the City of New York.  Fortunately in April, the cherry blossom trees bloom so that brightened up the trek.  I have always wanted to make a trip down to Washington DC for the National Cherry Blossom Festival but Museum Mile sufficed for this year.  My boyfriend and I commemorate our first date by going to a museum for each anniversary.

The Museum of the City of New York is much smaller and more intimate than the other ones we have visited.  There was a fashion exhibit of a designer who's name escapes me at the moment.  My favorite exhibit was about the possibility of micro apartments in New York.  There was even an example of a micro apartment, which was interesting to see the museum guide show how every inch of the apartment was used to maximize space.  Many of the items in the apartment doubled as something else, such as a small cushion to put your feet on transformed into 4 small stools if you had guests over.  If you decide to visit the museum, check out their website and see what new exhibits they are offering because it's always changing.

We ended our trip to the city with some Shake Shack.  I impressed myself by being able to keep both my white tuxedo jeans and light blue suede shoes clean during the long day we had, especially since we ended it with Shake Shack (thankfully, no ketchup stains!).

(top: Current Elliott |jeans: Hudson Leeloo |shoes: Cole Haan Lunargrand |bag: Alexander Wang Rockie |sunglasses: Celine |necklace: Gorjana)


Just wait until you have children,
you'll never touch each other again

These detail shots are from my anniversary date in April.  It just so happens that tomorrow is our 2.5 year anniversary.  I'm not one to normally count the days, weeks, and months of a relationship, he's managed to drag the softer side of me out.  For example, his ability to make me show any affection towards him when we're with friends rather than act like he isn't there.

My light blue suede Cole Haan Lunargrand's were great for the long walk in the city.  The Lunargrands
feature a Nike sole making them much more comfortable than the average oxford.


Covered Bridges

Before leaving Vermont, my goal was to find a covered bridge to take some blog photos.  My boyfriend just wanted to buy some Vermont maple syrup (which is fantastic on Trader Joe's pumpkin pancakes by the way).   Vermont is such a quiet and peaceful that it's ideal for those who suffer from blog photo anxiety like myself.

I was wearing my car ride outfit during this blog photo shoot, which comprised of some favorite casual basics of mine.  This includes my Current Elliott army shirt worn as a layering piece and the always fabulous Celine Large Audrey sunnies.

(shorts: Ruehl |top: rag & bone |shirt: Current//Elliott |sneakers: Superga |sunglasses: Celine |bag: Givenchy Pandora |necklace: Gorjana)


Caramel Camels

Do you pronounce caramel ca-ra-mel or car-mel?  My boyfriend prefers the latter which he claims is the southern pronunciation of the word.  The official color of this bag is camel, but it reminds me of some yummy gooey caramel.  I was lucky to snag this baby during a Barney's Warehouse online sale.  Because it wasn't black, I almost let go of this beauty but since I kept opening up the box and admiring it, I figured I'd try it out.  Turns out, the Pandora is as convenient and great a bag as the gals in the Purse Forum say it is.

(Givenchy Pandora in Camel)