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Happy Birthday to me!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, for Memorial day weekend, I took a trip with my boyfriend out to Indianapolis, IN to see the Indy 500.  Just got back late last night and haven't gotten a chance to recover yet.  Will report more on it another day.

On another note, today is my birthday and I'm leaving work early to see a a concert (Foster the People) in Central Park.  I'm super excited, their whole album is awesome!

Leaving you guys with pictures of the J.Crew Edie bag that I recently got.  I believe it just went on sale on their site (last week they had an extra 30% off).  Gorgeous structured bag, the colored ones are beautiful as well and a little cheaper.


Marriage is a relationship in which one person is always right and the other is the husband.

Pictures from some colder days (we had some fabulous weather this past weekend), I got the linen version of this jacket that I think I like better. The cut isn't as long as this one, which would be fine if.. wait for it.. I weren't so damn short!!! Lesson learned.. root of all problems is being short. Just kidding, I admit to enjoying being short in some cases (except clothes and volleyball), for example, I can wear 5 inch heels without being taller than my boyfriend. I can fit in small spaces (this doesn't come in handy often now that I'm older). Pretty sure those are the only two pros I can think of at the moment. Ahh well.

(jacket: Zara |top: Stylemint |jeans: Citizens of Humanity |shoes: Rag & Bone |bag: Balenciaga |hat: Alexander Wang)


My GPS says "time of arrival." I see "time to beat."

Quick phone picture of a white leather jacket I purchased from Zara.  I just recently explained to my coworkers how white items are scary to me and how my OCD can't handle getting them dirty.. I still ordered and got this jacket because it looked so damn good on Liu Wen in Zara's lookbook.  Damn you Zara.


After Monday and Tuesday, even the calendar says W T F

The pajama looking top is from Rag & Bone, it was a sample that I got from a family friend.  It's actually more like a tunic, but worked well under this pleated white skirt that my boyfriend convinced me to get from Aritzia.  I recently started loving Aritzia but only when they have sales (I find their clothes quite expensive otherwise) and I really wish they had an online shop.  I realized after these photos that the outfit had a school girlish feel with the pleated skirt and collared top.

The weather recently has been perfect for outfits like these.  I've been taking advantage of the small window of opportunity where I can wear skirts with booties before it gets too hot and it'll be full on sandal season.  Still searching for that perfect flat sandal for this summer.. any suggestions?
(top & shoes: Rag & Bone |skirt: Aritzia)


I'm so sad right now. My heart hurts..

Okay, so I'm not sad right now but my head does hurt a little from work.  This weekend was a busy one.  On Friday I attended an engagement party where I loved my outfit and failed to get a photo of it.  Do you ever see yourself and you're like.. wow, I actually look okay today..  This was one of those moments.  Of course when these moments happen, you never have your SLR ready to click click away.  It's my own fault for being shy and refusing to allow my boyfriend to take photos of me at an engagement party where I knew no one (it was my boyfriend's friends engagement party).  I ultimately did my hair in a tight bun which involved teasing and some surf spray for texture.  It came out well and stayed put which I was pleased with.

Saturday was a coworker's birthday bbq where I stuffed my face with ribs, potato salad, and all sorts of other goodies.  I had my first experience with well made jello shots and vodka gummy bears (a request of mine because the gummy worms were always creepy to me).

Anyway, here's a glimpse at my next outfit post.  When's the last time you guys saw me in a skirt?  My boyfriend picked out this white pleated one which works well when I wear sky high shoes (when do skirts not work well when I wear sky high shoes?)  My boyfriend actually laid on the ground to take the photos of the shoes (how sweet of him right?) so that's how I got these awesome action shots.