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New Item in Shop

In the last post, I mentioned that I have opened up a new SHOP for my readers.  No more waiting for bids to end on eBay, my readers get the special opportunity to check out items in my personal shop where most of the prices are cheaper than what I list on eBay.

The latest item I've added to this shop is this beautiful Marysia Zig Zag bikini, top and bottom included.  As seen on other bloggers, Marysia has some gorgeously designed swimwear that is coveted by all bloggers.  Unfortunately, the top was too big on me so I hope to find this gorgeous bathing suit a new home!  Act quickly, I'm offering this deal up to my lovely readers first, but I'll be adding it to my eBay soon!

Also, for those of you who don't already know, Google Reader will cease to exist soon, so please use the link below to continue following my blog by using Bloglovin!


When all else fails, take a nap.

I broke out of my comfort zone and got this white (gasp!) croc embossed Alexander Wang Prisma tote for the summer.  My initial plan was to sell it, but I couldn't get it out of my mind so I decided to at least take it out for a spin and see how it holds up.  Color transfer wise, it's been holding up very well.. nothing to be seen as of yet.  This is most likely due to a combination of the croc print and the type of leather used.  I am pretty thrilled with it, though the first sign of color transfer will be a tragedy that I will obsess over until I finally get over it.

What do you guys think of mixing whites?  The thought occurred to me when I realized I couldn't wear this bag with a pure white outfit, since the leather has more of a chalky white tone to it.  In an attempt to find someone who actually mixed whites in an outfit, I did a Google search and did not find any photos of it which leads me to believe that mixing whites would be almost impossible.  Thoughts?

Lastly, please check out my new SHOP on the top tab.  In addition to my eBay, I decided to start a shop here on my blog for my readers.  No need to wait around for listings to end anymore, prices will be the same or lower than my eBay.  Feel free to email me at if you have any questions or comments!


It's my pleasure to introduce to you guys a new site,  Their mission is to introduce beautiful and unique items made by artisans around the world.  I think it's fantastic that this site shares with consumers where the products are made and the people behind them.  It makes the products that much more special.  Here's a couple of items that I especially liked on the site: is currently offering my readers 10% off with promotional code "BLISS10" and free shipping on orders over $100.  Happy shopping!


Don't stumble over something behind you.

For those of you who don't already follow me on Instagram, here are some snapshots from the last couple of months.

A delightful s'mores pudding dessert from the Smith NYC, a casual cool restaurant with some awesome food.

A flowering tree, back when spring decided to start and all the cherry blossom trees flower at once.  It's one of the first things my boyfriend noticed when he moved to New Jersey because apparently Ohio doesn't have many cherry blossom trees.

Light blue suede Cole Haan Lunargrand wingtip oxfords that I wore for my two year anniversary date with my boyfriend.  My outfit consisted of these oxfords and white jeans, both still pristine when I left the city.  Definitely gave myself a pat on the back after that day.



It's up to you to find the beauty in the ugliest days.

The past week has been super busy between going away to Louisville for volleyball, my birthday, and work, unfortunately I haven't been able to get around to taking photos and posting.  A rainy day like today seem to be the perfect time to catch up on posting some old photos.  Unlike most people, I enjoy a good rainy day.  Sometimes sitting inside and vegging is just what I need.

This post will be picture overload, it's some photos that my boyfriend shot of me during the fall/winter.  Very few times to I approve of so many photos that were taken, most of the time I'm cursing that I don't know how to do a "real" smile, or that I need to stop awkwardly posing my body.  Other bloggers make this photo thing seem so easy, but I have to assume that it wasn't always that simple to stand in the middle of a street and pose while passersby wonder what on earth is happening.

(top: Forever 21 |jacket: Rag & Bone |boots: Rag & Bone Newbury |bag: Alexander Wang Marion |sunglasses: Celine |scarf: Allsaints)