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If you're lucky!

I love the way headbands look but they won't stay on my head on account for it being too round I guess... any tips or suggestions?


The woman is a monster, and you clearly did this to torture me.

Happy Thanksgiving! I spent all of yesterday having my co-workers ask me if we eat turkey for Thanksgiving, which is a valid question because if it weren't for me, we probably wouldn't eat any of the traditional Thanksgiving foods except turkey. I actually love green bean casserole, although it is never present at our Thanksgiving dinner and this year, we're not in charge of it so it definitely won't be on the table. Alas, the one time a year I could possible eat it and I can't..

Now, I know most people have Lita Fever.. including myself. I received a couple pairs in the mail the other day and took some quick pictures inside. Please disregard the utter mess that is my room and the poor lighting of the pictures.. you get the general idea.

I'd say these fit true to size, I ordered the blue in a 6.5 and 7 and the 7 is fits perfectly (the pair I am wearing are the 6.5). Great shoes, not too heavy and decently comfortable for the height. The tapestry pairs are very cool, not as versatile, but the I think the fit is much better than the leather ones.

And for your viewing pleasure, click here to see the TurBaconEpic Thanksgiving... the ridiculousness that is Americans. No wonder why our country is overweight...


I love you like the mother I had committed against her will.

Anyone who has been looking for Jeffrey Campbell Lita's in black, they are available online at Urban Outfitters here. Use coupon code "GIFTED" for 20% off, making them normal retail price. I just ordered some black ones for myself!

It's a short week for work, though my job doesn't give us the Friday after Thanksgiving off, which my co-worker jokingly calls it "Vivian's Day." Slightly true because if I didn't have work, I'd be up at 7 am for Black Friday sales. For some reason, waking up early for shopping really isn't an issue for me, but I don't really end up buying much on Black Friday anyway. Perhaps I'll call in sick just to check out the sales...

(blouse: Urban Outfitters |pants: Forever 21 |shoes: Aldo |bag: Mulberry Alexa)

These are new shoes that I purchased at here. Loving loafers for fall/winter and these are the perfect color. Even my dog wanted to sit next to them.


I intend to pull my own weight around here.

I seem to have gone picture happy over the weekend because it's the only opportunity I get to take some good pictures. Let me emphasize the fact that I love this denim shirt, I found it at Urban Outfitters. It's by their Urban Renewal line which is always hit or miss with sizing, so I've learned to purchase multiples and just return what doesn't fit because they honestly have some great stuff if you can get the right fit. You can find it here.

(top: Urban Outfitters |bottom: Gap |hat: Club Monaco |rings: Soixante Neuf & YSL)


normal people wash their clothes and wear them again

I am loving brown shoes with black outfits for some reason. Of course you can't tell because of the terrible lighting in my house. My beautifully styled hair (extreme sarcasm) was due to an ear infection that caused my one ear to be very itchy with my hair down.

(dress: Asos |shoes: Ann Demeulemeester |bag: Alexander Wang Rocco |ring: YSL Arty)


Like a tapestry

I don't know if "tapestry" is the right word to be using, but that is what the new Jeffrey Campbell Lita's remind me of. Interesting to wear with any simple outfit, I think these could possibly grow on me, though that would require me wearing 5 inch heels around town whenever the hell I felt like it.

The first two styles are available here and here on Solestruck. The black pair is available here on Shoe Biz.