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Have you been swinging from powerlines?

New addition to my bag family.. not quite sure whether I should keep her yet, so this post is mostly to showcase her.

I am definitely loving the cooler weather. It's nice to be able to layer and wear sweaters comfortably. This week has been full of rain and clouds, and while most people dislike this disgusting weather, I enjoy rain once in a while. It reminds me of when I studied abroad in China and we hiked during a rain storm, or playing ultimate frisbee the first month freshman year at college in pouring rain. I wish I could do stupid stuff like that again.

(sweater: Forever 21 |jeans: Current/Elliott |shoes: Balenciaga |bag: Mulberry Oak Leopard Alexa |ring: Soixante Neuf)

You can purchase the sweater here. My mom was staring at me during dinner one night (when I had the sweater on) and finally I asked her what she was doing and she commented that the sweater was really nice and asked where I got it. She was relatively surprised to find out it was from Forever 21 and said "I didn't realize they made such nice things."


Oh my God I totally just bragged. Please tell me to shut up...

I have officially stocked up on skinny cargo pants for work. Perfect that they are not remotely jean/denim like in any way.. and they are everywhere for this fall/winter so it wasn't hard to find affordable ones (the pair below is from Forever 21).

My co-worker asked if my shoes were Rag & Bone, I told her they were not and were a fraction of the price from Asos. I also plan on living in these for work. They are absolutely perfect, a slight wedge, which make them comfortable enough to spend the day in. I did try walking around them for a whole night in the city which was a mistake considering it was only the second day of me wearing them. Hopefully after they've been broken in, I'll be able to handle a little more walking in them.

Funny enough, as I'm writing this post, I noticed that pretty much everything I am wearing is stuff I pretty much want to live in for fall/winter. I love this shirt for some odd reason, there really isn't anything particularly special about it, it's comfortable and slightly oversized. I'm not quite sure what exactly draws me to it, but I have a tendency to purchase items and find out whether I love it or not by the number of times I grab it to wear.

(pants & necklace: Forever 21 |top: H&M |shoes: Asos |ring: YSL)


Alexander Wang Claudia Grommet Bag

Selling this bag on Ebay:

It's ridiculously heavy and my collection of AW bags is getting out of hand.


You and what army?

On Friday, I saw Vampire Weekend at Radio City which was a great show, they are really awesome live. Before seeing them, I had Shake Shack in NYC for the first time which was just as awesome, soooo good, definitely will want to go back at some time, if only it wasn't only in the city. I will have to be happy with my Five Guys and Bobby's Burger Palace for now.

Got this button up last week and have basically lived in it. I accidentally got a size too big, but I'm loving wearing it open.. the friend I went to see the concert with actually thought it was a jacket which is what I was going for. And these poor booties have gone through hell, they are my go to shoes for any night out of shennanigans with my friends in the city.

(top: Anthropologie |button up: Current/Elliott |shorts: Levi cutoffs |shoes: Topshop |ring: YSL)


Oh, my God, I've turned another one!

New purchase:

Which should I keep, or both??


I'm getting a little woozy from the booze-y seeping from your enlarged pores.

I'm a huge fan of sheer blouses, although having the guts to wear it around town is another thing. Surprisingly it was actually perfect weather for this outfit. Fall is coming and it's nice to finally to get some layers on rather than wearing a tank top and shorts for fear of sweating in whatever I am wearing. I can't wait for apple picking, the leaves changing, and curling up under a huge mound of covers to keep warm. I'll miss the long days though.. my tendency is to hibernate once winter comes along.

(top: H&M |shorts: Levi cutoffs |shoes: Topshop Wisteria |rings: Soixante Neuf & Noir)


As much as I'd love to stay here sweatin' with the oldies

September is here, but with the way it was today, I think summer could last a couple more weeks. This is what I'd normally wear for a super hot day at the beach for volleyball, minus the boots. Love this Erin Wasson x RVCA Enchanted 2 tank, it just screams summertime for me.

(tank: Erin Wasson x RVCA |shorts: Ruehl |shoes: Frye Veronica |necklace: Forever 21)


I can't believe I'm at a public pool. Why doesn't somebody just pee directly on me?

Relaxed at the beach this weekend. Weird to go without playing volleyball, my friends and I just laid out and chatted.


turn up the heat, there's a nip in the air back here

Remnants of Hurricaine Earl were supposed to pass through making it hot and muggy outside today, however it's cooled down now significantly. No wind at all yet, although I was looking forward to a nice storm. For some reason I felt the urge to walk around in the pouring rain.

(top: Abercrombie & Fitch |shorts: Urban Outfitters |sweater: Forever 21 |shoes: Balenciaga |necklace: Forever 21)

The shorts were a great buy from Urban Outfitters, the crochet detailing makes the illusion of a skirt but they truly are shorts. Available here.