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Do they only serve breakfast at this McDonald's?

Happy belated birthday to my friend Ainhoa (pronounced I-Know-Uh, she's the one who found me the great deal on the pants in the last post). It was her birthday this past weekend and we celebrated by dressing up, eating sushi, and going out to the bar. Loved the shoes that she wore that night (I helped her find them!! If you know her, this is a very big deal..) - they are by Shoemint and style is called the Jolly. She looked adorable in her red and white sheer polka dot blouse. I wanted to put ears on her and call her Minnie.

I ended up wearing a 90s looking turtleneck, black, sleeveless body con dress that I got from American Apparel. I posted the cropped version over the summer which you'll most likely be seeing on my Ebay soon because frankly, I love the dress version a whole lot more. I added a tiny bit of color to my all black outfit with Tarte Lip Stain in Amused which is a nice bright pink lip stain that doesn't dry your lips out.. one of my favorite make up products ever (this is saying a lot because I don't usually wear makeup).

(dress: American Apparel |shoes: Topshop)


I can't be the first woman who's ashamed to be with you.

My friend texted me a photo of these jeans last weekend while she was at Marshall's telling me they were my size and meant for me. I specifically went this weekend to find this pair of jeans in hopes that they were still there for me to try on (I figured what are the chances people bought a metallic pair of snake printed denim leggings..).. but after searching a while, I thought someone had snagged them. It must have been kismet because eventually I found them and tried them on.. and they did fit quite well. What sealed the deal was they were only $59.99 (which my friend pointed out to me originally), and I found them on where their original price is $242! They'll be a good going out casually pair of pants to throw on.. or if I'm daring, I'll just wear them casually in the day time.

(J Brand 901 Golden Snake Print Jeans)


You're coming off all observant and honest, you know; antisocial

So I just joined this new thing called Twitter? Just kidding (about it being a new thing) but I have now conformed and have decided Twitter is probably something I should learn more about so I don't keep bothering my friend with questions like "How do you read that?" (in response to when she sends me a series of Twitter messages that are supposed to be funny) or "What does 'pound' ___ mean?" (or in Twitter land #________ which written out I have learned is "hash tag"). Follow me on Twitter @MBITW (or via the button on the right) and see how I learn to navigate through this new social tool (new to me anyway).

So you guys should be proud of me, I let my boyfriend photograph me on the streets of NYC. Mind you that day was HORRIBLE because it was the Chinese New Year's parade and we managed to literally get stuck on a street in Chinatown that was insanely packed to the point that no one could move causing me to be stuck on that street for about an hour all pouty faced as my boyfriend attempted to console me (mind you before that it took us about an hour and a half to park and we hadn't eaten yet so I was in a foul mood). He was thoroughly impressed that I was able to walk comfortably the whole time in the Rag & Bone boots.

We managed to also catch the trade show that was going on that weekend in the Javits Center. My boyfriend's friends from college are selling some belts so one was in town and showcasing them at the show. It was definitely an interesting thing to experience, I've never heard much about trade shows so it was cool to walk around and check out some of the stuff they had.

(sweater: by Corpus |pants: BlankNYC |shoes: Rag & Bone |bag & hat: Alexander Wang |jacket: Zara |scarf: boutique in Hong Kong)

Just hit 750 followers, thanks everyone for all your continued support!!


All I do is Lin.

Those of you who are in the USA, I'm sure you've heard of the sensation that is Jeremy Lin. My knowledge of the guy started out as a bunch of status updates on Facebook from fellow Asians (apparently they make up 90% of my college friends) writing about some dude named Jeremy Lin. I thought to myself, "Who the hell is this Jeremy Lin guy and why is everyone writing about him???" As the week went on, I gathered more information via status updates that he played basketball. More time went on, more status updates, and I figure out he plays for the Knicks (at this point I'm just being stubborn and don't want to Google him). Then Friday comes and my friend Nikki educates me that the guy plays on the Knicks and they have won a couple of games in a row when he started playing. She provides me with a link of clips of Jeremy Lin playing and then suddenly I have all sorts of Asian Pride and jump on the Jeremy Lin bandwagon. Luckily for me, that night the Knicks played the Lakers and Jeremy Lin played well so I was allowed to jump on the bandwagon. What this story has to do with fashion you ask, it really has nothing to do with fashion.. but, I happened to see these Jeffery Campbell's on which made me think of the Knicks (their colors are orange and blue) - all around the same time I've jumped on this bandwagon and I thought, what are the chances.


Anyway, being in a relationship can't possibly hinge on physical intimacy. 'Cause that would mean our parents are still doing it.

Happy belated Valentine's day, hope everyone had a good one! My boyfriend attempted to be sweet and send flowers to me at work but they never showed up. It explained why a couple of my coworkers kept asking me where my flowers were (he had asked one of them what the address of my work was), to which I replied, he didn't send me any. But it was nice to find out later that he had technically tried to order me flowers and cooked me a delicious dinner, where I gorged myself silly.

I've managed to incorporate some color into my wardrobe! This is always an exciting thing for me! Colored pants are an easy way to incorporate color into a wardrobe for those who want to and don't know where to start. If you're on the more adventurous side, you can create a color block outfit, otherwise just throw on a neutral colored top over your colored pants and you're good to go.

(top: Current/Elliot |bottom: BlankNYC |jacket: Zara |shoes: The Row x Toms |clutch: Alexander Wang Fumo |nail polish: OPI Fresh Frog of Bel-Air)


It's not like I ask guys to buy me presents. I merely suggest.

A wide brimmed fedora that may fit my big head? What is this world coming to? I got this hat on super sale at Aritzia (which may be my new favorite store - though only when they have crazy good sales like the current winter one going on). I was so indecisive that I ended up buying it in brown AND charcoal (lack of self control.. I mean really.. if it looks pretty good, and it's on sale.. and it's the only hat that fits your big head....why not!??!?!)

(hat: Wilfred)

By the way, Happy Valentine's day everyone! This is not a holiday I am used to celebrating but my boyfriend has decided to be a sweetheart and cook me dinner. The question from my coworkers has been "What is he cooking you?" I didn't realize this is something I should know ahead of time...


Sometimes your shallowness is so thorough, it's almost like depth.

I purchased this Zara coat towards the beginning of winter. It is more like a large sweater and I like how easy it is to throw on over my chunky sweaters. Even layered with other clothing, I can still move my arms, which always a plus. My favorite part of the coat is the fur detailing on the collar. It's great for when it gets cold, I just button up and my neck is warm and cozy.

(top: T by Alexander Wang |jeans: Current/Elliott |coat: Zara |bag: Pendleton |shoes: Ash Trash)


Hmm... lot of flowers. And chocolates. Did you come down with a debilitating illness and forget to share the good news?

I know Christmas is long gone, but I recently got one of my presents from my boyfriend. He was mildly concerned that I carry my camera around in whatever bag I pack my clothes in when staying at his house. Though he had decided that I needed a camera case, he expressed the fact that he didn't trust himself to purchase me one on his own. He knew I'd want one that wasn't too boring (and at least slightly stylish) and he's not a deal shopper. We managed to agree on this simple, yet adorable Pendleton camera bag. I absolutely love it and adore how I have the option of using it as a regular bag.


Can you teach me how to twirl my hair and stare vacantly?

Happy Belated Groundhog's day! A holiday I otherwise would have forgotten had the radio not reminded me yesterday morning. Lo and behold, it's been predicted that spring is coming, which isn't too surprising. Goal for this spring is to utilize all the ankle boots I've collected over the fall/winter into outfits. I have a tendency to convert to sandals the second it gets warm because my toes feel weird covered.

This sweater was a random purchase online at Urban Outfitters because I wanted to get over $50 in my cart to get free shipping.. so I figured that the sweater probably wouldn't work out and I'd just return it to the store. However.. rather than keep the other item I had wanted, I ended up keeping the sweater and absolutely loving it. It's great for winter (and I don't have many proper clothes for winter), it's soft, and it's super comfortable/cozy. I adore the little flecks of color throughout the sweater that aren't overwhelming but give it an interesting look. You'll definitely be seeing it often on my blog. This sweater falls in the stylish and comfortable category of my wardrobe (like my Topshop jacket). Those items are far and few between so keep them when you find them!

(sweater: ByCorpus, purchase here |jeans: Madewell |shoes: Zara |bag: Alexander Wang)


I'm not like you! I don't just jump in the potato sack, with the first potato that I meet with diabetes!

January has officially ended. It's crazy to think that just 4 weeks ago.. we started the new year. This month has definitely zipped by. Today's temperatures are supposed to get up to 60 degrees! Mother nature, what are you doing?! Not that I don't appreciate the mild temperatures, so keep it up and I'll stop complaining..

These photos are from the beginning of January. I decided to show off my talents to my boyfriend's roommates one day.. that talent was making snowflakes out of spare magazines. Being that I stay there every weekend, it's my contribution to their house (I would be more prone to calling it a frat house - four boys, four smelly, dirty boys). I'm sure they would appreciate food much more. During the New Year's weekend, his roommates' friends came over and I was just walking into the house. One girl started telling me how well I decorated the house and couldn't stop raving about it. I had to stop and think about what other things I did besides these snowflakes.. which is nothing.. so I guess the snowflakes left a big impression on her.

My new favorite Zara jeans for going out. Love how versatile they are even though they are printed. They go great with any basic top.. throw on some ankle boots and I'm ready to go out. I've already worn them multiple times out and they've been a big hit among friends.. though my friends have a tendency to meow, growl, or rawr while commenting on the jeans.

(top: American Apparel |bottom & boots: Zara)