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Sometimes I wonder why I hate everybody, and then I remember.. It's probably because of everything.

The Zara sale started at midnight tonight.  Of course I'm only now posting after purchasing the whole store.  I figure that I'd spend entirely too much money at first, only to return 75% of the items because of fit.  Which will put me at a much more reasonable amount spent.  I'm banking on this, so don't ruin it for me.  I love the online Zara store because a) Zara is not close to me b) I hate the mall lately c) Free shipping and free returns??!!! (mind you, it's super duper EASY free returns that are TRULY FREE).  I could go on and on about my love for Zara but I'm pretty sure you get the idea.  And it doesn't hurt that they have great clothes!

This is an outfit that I wore in the car on the way to Indianapolis.  I was looking for something comfortable for the long ride yet stylish and my cut out denim shirt was perfect.  The Soludos shoes are also a great comfortable shoe if you're tired of wearing flip flops all the time (as I mentioned two posts ago).

These photos were taken outside a stop we made in Ohio to meet my boyfriend's best friend from college.  It is this little market place that had everything type of food you can imagine and the best ice cream ever, Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams.  I had heard of it once in Cupcakes and Cashmere's blog (I believe she posted about the salted caramel flavor some time last year, tried it and it's delicious!).

(top: Urban Outfitters |shorts: abercrombie |belt: J.Crew |shoes: Soludos (available here) |bag: Alexander Wang)


The awkward moment when you realize that loves comes from the brain and erections come from the heart...

Some vacation snapshots from my visit last month to Indianapolis and Ohio.

Boyfriend and I tailgating. 90-100 degree weather doesn't make for many clothing options except to just wear minimal amounts of it. I didn't think I'd make it for 8 hours outside but I surprised myself and lasted (with the help of a giant floppy straw hat that I borrowed and wore later)

Warm-up lap during the Indy 500. It's one of those sports that I could never enjoy except now that I've had the experience, I kind of like it. But I still completely understand why one would think it's boring.

Visited Grandpa's Cheesebarn on the way back to NJ.. a sight I've always wanted to see since my first visit to Ohio back in September. There is only slight sarcasm in that statement as I was the one to suggest to my boyfriend we should go since he also hasn't been there and he's actually FROM Ohio and drives past it all the time when visiting his parents). I'm also surprised I fit in that little toy car. Should have paid to make it move.


When I was little, I used to sing in the shower. Now? I make life decisions there.

Soludos, a great summer shoe.  I discovered these this year when looking for an appropriate summer shoe for my boyfriend.  One day I read an email regarding summer footwear for men.  According to their stylist Jack (I don't know him personally by first name but I get a lot of men's styling tips from him via mass emails),  flip flops are strictly for the beach.  Really thinking about it, I can see what Jack means.. even now, I tend to shy away from regular flip flops and go for a nicer flat sandal however guys don't often have this luxury.  Not to mention I don't know many guys with well maintained feet that should be shown off at all times.  With this being said, it made me go on a mission to find my boyfriend some close toed summer shoes.  Along came the Soludos for J.Crew.  I purchased two pairs for him (with his assurance that he actually liked them and was not going to wear them because I wanted him to) and then Shopbop happened to have their big sale so I purchased this pair for myself  (after getting help from him with choosing a pattern).  I ended up loving mine, but sadly his didn't fit.  Still looking for that perfect close toed summer shoe for him!  Next on the list for him to try are some classic Toms, i'll let you know how that works out..


The most romantic love story isn't Romeo & Juliet who died together, it's grandma and grandpa that grew old together.

As promised, the rest of my casual outfit.  It was a chilly day in May so I had layered up with my Free People coat.  I definitely did not wear this jacket enough during the fall, it really has been a great layering piece in my wardrobe.

(top: Stylemint |jeans: Citizens of Humanity |shoes: Zara |jacket: Free People |scarf: American Apparel)


Get The Boho Look This Summer

The boho style is set to dominate the high street this summer, so if you want to get the look,
follow these simple tips:


You can make any outfit look boho with the right accessories, so make sure you get your
hands on plenty of wooden beads, chunky bangles and dangly earrings. Rope, leather,
crochet and lace are all perfect materials for boho belts, and you can even wear two or
three belts together to create one big statement.

Floaty florals

Floral fabrics are big news for summer fashion, and work perfectly with the boho style. To
get the look, choose a maxi dress in a light and floaty material, and rough it up for daytime
by layering with a denim waistcoat and chunky leather belt. In the evening, add a touch of
cool with strings of hippy beads and plenty of stacked up bangles.

Double denim

Believe it or not, double denim is back, and an ideal way to get the boho look. Wear ripped
up jeans or cut-off shorts with a tucked-in denim shirt or floaty blouse, topping it off with a
denim jacket. Floor-length skirts are going to be everywhere this summer, so hit two trends
at once and choose yours in denim.


If you want the sexiness of a short skirt with the convenience of wearing shorts, choose
skorts – shorts that are designed to look like a summer skirt. Floral or tribal fabrics are
perfect for boho, so choose yours in one of these fabrics and make sure the rest of your
outfit clashes. The boho look is all about mixing pretty pieces with something a little rougher
around the edges. Wear your skorts with Hush Puppies boots to get the right mix of pretty
and practical, whilst still being fashion forward.

Hair and makeup

To complete your boho look, make sure your hair and makeup is free and easy. Tousled
beach hair will perfectly compliment the style – especially when it's accessorised with a
hippy headband or flower garland. Keep makeup to a minimum during the day, and add
a sweep of glittery shadow and a slick of bright lipstick for an evening look. Highlight your
cheekbones with a little more glitter to accentuate them. Just make sure you don’t go
overboard, or you could end up looking like Tinkerbell.


I don't hate people, I just feel better when they aren't around...

Looks like the summer is going to be super busy! I actually can't wait for the next weekend I get to plop on the couch in some air conditioning and watch movies all day with my boyfriend.

(top: Stylemint |jeans: Citizens of Humanity |scarf: American Apparel)

I dug out this American Apparel circle scarf out of my closet and decided to keep it.  I like how light and stretchy it is, unlike the other one I used to have which ended being large and overbearing on me.  A scarf is a great addition to a casual outfit like the above to add some color and interest.  Full outfit in the upcoming post.


That awkward moment when you're telling a story & realize no one's listening so you slowly fade out & pretend you never said anything

Please Note: The above title happens to me ALL the time.. figured people could relate.

As I mentioned in the last post, it's been hectic lately. I decided to actually celebrate my 25th birthday with friends (who I assured I would not do this again for 5 years). These photos are a month late and are from my trip to NYC with the boyfriend for our anniversary. We got Shake Shack as an energy booster for our stroll around the Museum of Natural History. Shake Shack's one of my favorite places for a quick bite. Thankfully I don't go often because location otherwise I'd be 235 lbs. Took a snapshot of our sunglasses together, the food, and the sad face of my boyfriend who had to wait because I wanted to take so many damn pictures (downfall of having a blogging girlfriend).

Around the corner was the Museum of Natural History where we spent most of our day. It was fun to walk around, haven't been there since middle school or high school so I felt like a little kid looking at all the fossils and artifacts and of course the giant blue whale (I think?) in this one section of the museum.

We ended the day walking to Carmine's which is a place my mom had recommended that just has incredibly huge portions of pasta that are of course delicious. Snapped some outfit shots while trekking to the restaurant. We were lucky that we didn't have to wait too long when we got there. Without a reservation they told us we had to 45 minutes but we managed to get seated in 15-20. Carmine's is the type of place you bring a huge group of people that you want to share a ton of food with. Unfortunately, it was only two of us and not worth it for me to order dessert (though I begged and begged). Thankfully I didn't because I'm pretty sure it would have been big enough for 4.

(top: Stylestalker |jacket: Zara |pants: Citizens of Humanity |boots: Frye |bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim)

This photo was a week after my hair cut last month.  Since then, my hair seems to be growing like crazy, everyone has been saying it's so long already.  It also started my true love for the 3.1 Phillip Lim Mini Pashli bag.  Damn thing looks good with everything!