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Isabel Marant Nowles

Got these during the end of season super sales!  I want to live in them for the rest of winter, and then some..

(Isabel Marant Nowles)


Leather Lovin'

Sometimes I put together outfits that I love and wonder where the heck I'm going in them.

Snagged these leather pants by Cut25 from for an amazing price.  Amuze has some of the deepest discounts I've seen on items.  I had given up on getting a pair because I didn't want to invest too much money into a pair but these were too good to pass up!  My OCD over how I'm going to wash them and what will I do when they completely stretch out has kept me from wearing them out so far but the pairing with my Isabel Marant boots is making me want to wear them pretty badly...

(pants: Cut25 |boots: Isabel Marant Tacy)


Bucket Bag Bliss

Switched up my bag this weekend and started using my Mansur Gavriel mini bucket, already got a couple of compliments on it.  I love how this bag goes well with any outfit!  The only thing I'm concerned about is how open it is on top, so I've just been extra careful when using it.  I stuffed my hat in my bag so the messy contents of my bag were hidden.  Can't wait to get some outfit pics with her!

(shoes: rag & bone |bag: Mansur Gavriel)