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You've got a beautiful that's all your own.

Vermont is beautiful state and I was fortunate enough to get invited to a wedding there a couple of months ago.  These photos were taking at a small mountain inn where the wedding took place.   To top it off, the weather was incredible the whole weekend. 

This was the first weekend of wearing my new Superga sneakers, which I of course bought in 3 different colors, black, green, and navy.  Surprisingly, the green pair is my current favorite even though I have a tendency to love anything and everything black. They are just neutral enough to wear with most of my outfits which made them the perfect shoe for our weekend getaway in Vermont.

(top: rag & bone |shorts: Ruehl |shoes: Superga |bag: Givenchy)


“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new." - Albert Einstein

I thought it would be appropriate to debut my new short hair with my new blog design.  As a last minute game time decision, I was inspired by another blogger to chop off all my hair a couple of weeks ago.  My hair had grown out entirely too long, to the point where it was just dead & dingy at the ends.  This in part is my own fault since I manage to only get out to Chinatown for my haircut once a year.  While I was eating dim sum waiting for my appointment, I started toying with the idea to cut my hair off.  One of the main reasons for this included an instant cool down effect.  No matter how much I like wavy beach hair, during the summer I end up tying up my hair to beat the heat & humidity since I loathe feeling sweaty.  Concerns included the fact that my head might be too big & round to pull off such a look.

Luckily everything worked out and I love my shorter hair.  Even better, it's super easy to style and doesn't take an eternity to dry.

(top: Zara |shorts: abercrombie |shoe: Pamela Love x Nine West)


Learn something new, teach something old.

What does everyone think of the new layout?  Thanks to Joyce at Joyful Outfits, I have a stunning new blog design that I am loving.  I discovered Joyce from fellow blogger Linda at The Dragonfruit Diaries.  Joyce did such an amazing job with her blog that I didn't recognize it the first time I visited!  

Joyce is a young and amazingly talented blog designer and fashion blogger.  Her work is incredible and all at an affordable price.  I was so lucky to work with her in creating my new layout, she catered to my every last request which I appreciate tremendously since I am so utterly indecisive.

You can check out her past work if you're thinking about changing up your blog like I was.  You can also check out her personal fashion blog here.  Thank you for everything Joyce!!


It's the little things that make life wonderful.

I paired my bargain Zara dress with some Alexander Wang accessories for this Alabama wedding.   The Liya's surprisingly made a great dancing shoe.  Because of the bearable heel height, I was able to shake my butt all night long to some 70s Motown hits thanks to a wedding band.

We had a moment of amusement at the reception when we found ourselves seated with a couple that mirrored us. White boy with Asian girl, both guys wearing gray suits with navy ties.. AND my boyfriend's college roommate went to school with this guy.  Sometimes it's such a small world.

(dress: Zara |clutch & shoes: Alexander Wang)


"Good Design is Good Business" -Thomas Watson Jr.

I just returned home from my long weekend in Ohio and was lucky enough to come home to a box from Aritzia. These are items that I ordered for myself since I'm not up to the highest level of bloggers where one receives items to style and review for free yet. I was compelled to share the packaging of Aritzia's items because it was incredibly neat. My items were actually shipped in a box INSIDE a box (no I did not order shoes), and all my items were neatly placed in two separate packages. One might think I'm a little overexcited about the idea of the nice and neat packaging, but it left an impression on me. It almost made it worth the 8 dollars I paid in shipping, which mind you, I NEVER do. I ended up sucking it up this time because there were no other options for me to get any free shipping and I was purchasing several super sale items so I figured the whole transaction would even itself out.

Consider me impressed Aritzia.. now you just need to offer me some free shipping and returns and I'll be hooked.


I love you more than food. That's a lot.

I am taking a long weekend to attend yet another wedding with the boyfriend, so I figured this would be a good time to share some long overdue photos of past weddings we've attended.  This particular one that I'm sharing was in Birmingham, AL where the reception was at a brewery which I found to be kind of awesome.  The reception was done beautifully, all the decor and table settings tied in with each other perfectly without seeming extraordinarily expensive.  It's definitely one I'll remember.  Of course it didn't hurt that it was all you could drink beer and the bride and groom were chefs so the food was fantastic.

(Alexander Wang Liya)


If the shoe fits, buy it in every color

The title of this post is something I do, but definitely shouldn't be doing. Every time a buy a shoe that I love, I want it in every color. I've got doubles of a lot of shoes in my wardrobes.. these Isabel Marant sneakers are no exception. I recently purchased them on sale (of course) in white as well.  On the bright side, these sneakers are slightly more practical and can be worn for long periods of times versus buying 10 pairs of pumps that I can't last more than 30 minutes in.  Nonetheless, this is a bad habit that will have to be broken soon, but for now I'll enjoy it.

The Allsaints leather jacket was another sale purchase.  Allsaints has some killer leather jackets, the quilted detailing on this bomber sealed the deal for me.  I patiently waited and stalked until it went on sale and pounced.  So glad it did, my Zara leather jacket is starting to tear at the seams because I've worn it so damn much.

(top: Stylemint |jeans: Hudson Leeloo |sneakers| Isabel Marant Bobby |jacket: Allsaints |bag: Alexander Wang Rockie |sunglasses: Celine)


Be the reason why someone smiles today.

My boyfriend always says this t-shirt from Stylemint doesn't make any sense.  Stylemint has expanded a lot since it first came out and they offered 4 t-shirts a month.  Detailed outfit photos, full ones to follow.

(top: Stylemint |bag: Alexander Wang Rockie |shoes: Isabel Marant Bobby |jacket: All Saints)