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Happily Blindsided

I vowed to never to eat pizza outside the tri-state area (except maybe in California), because it's never the same.  New York and New Jersey have spoiled me in the sense that there is always a decent place to grab a slice nearby.  When my boyfriend got us invited to the rehearsal dinner for the wedding in Vermont, I wasn't sure what to expect.  

The place we ate dinner was a furniture store that happened to have a restaurant inside it.  The tables were set up where we walked in and on the left and right were areas to roam around and see all the interesting pieces.  They had all sorts of great furniture pieces that I wished I could afford.  Dinner was scrumptious, they served small personal sized pizza after pizza that everyone shared.  Not only was I pleasantly surprised by the food, but I loved the fact that such a place existed in Vermont (especially since Google told me that Vermont is the 2nd least populated state in the US).

(top: H&M |jeans: Hudson Leeloo |shoes: Zigi Soho Studious |clutch: Alexander Wang)

This H&M blouse is one of my favorites, I get a lot of compliments when I wear it.  I remember seeing it in the window of the mall as I was passing by and I had to have it.. just went straight into the store and purchased it without trying it on.  It went perfectly with my tuxedo Hudson jeans.  This whole outfit was a danger to wear since pizza was the main course for dinner, but luckily stuffing tiny slices of pizza into my mouth whole makes it easier to not drop anything on my pants..


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I have to make some room in my wardrobe for some new fall items, so here's a pre-loved bag from my closet that I'm currently selling on eBay.  It's an Alexander Wang Prisma tote in chalk with silver hardware and features a beautiful croc print on the leather.  The bag is more of an off white with gray undertones in real life, the sun was really bright when I was taking photos so the pictures make the bag seem like a pure white. I'm sad to let this stunning bag go, but I think it's best to find her a new home with someone who can enjoy her.

For more information and photos, you can check out my eBay on the right or click here.


“Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.” - Dr. Seuss

Here are some Instagram shots of what I had at Smorgasburg.  Smorgasborg takes place every Saturday in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Their website defines it as a flea food market, this is definitely the place to go if you want to try some food with a twist. Everything sounded, looked, and smelled incredibly delicious! Unfortunately I couldn't afford to try everything at the market, so I had to choose carefully.  Being that it was an unbearably hot day, I ended up choosing cold ramen which was light and refreshing.  My boyfriend went for hot food and got some ribs which were scruptious as well.  Along with our food, we also got some mason jars filled with iced tea.  It was great idea to put the drinks in a mason jar, as we roamed around, people would stop and ask where we got our drinks from and we'd point them towards the little stall that we bought them from.

The remaining snapshots are of my accessories from that day.  Gorjana rings galore, as you can clearly tel I'm officially obsessed.  My Alexander Wang Rockie, which is my go to bag these days.   I love that I now have the option to hold it in the crook of my arm or on my shoulder with the longer strap.  Way back when, I used to own a Rocco when it didn't have the longer strap and it would get heavy really quickly, especially with the studs on the bottom of it!


"You can't turn the sink on when someone's in the shower. This is not some fancy hotel" - Nick Miller from New Girl

If you can't already tell from today's post title, I am super excited for the season premiere of New Girl (and Mindy Project) tonight.

These are the remaining photos from that wedding in Vermont.  The bride's dog was actually included in the wedding as one of the bridesmaids.   She looked adorable with her flower adorned collar that matched the rose bouquets the bridesmaids carried.

The groom was very generous and provided the ties, pocket squares and white button up shirts to all his groomsman.  At first the suit my boyfriend had to buy was super ill fitting.  The pants were so huge on him I kept imagining my boyfriend in the future as an old man wearing the same huge pants belted over a beer belly (random I know!).

I love the snake pattern and the criss cross straps in the front of these Pour La Victoire shoes.  It makes them a tad unique from the basic pointed pumps.  The hardest part of wearing these shoes was walking through the grass because my heels kept sinking in so I had to stand on my toes until we got seated for the ceremony.  Wearing heels is never as easy as bloggers make it seem.  The reception was held in a barn on the premises that was beautifully decorated.  I had to hike up a small hill made up of pebbles which was even more difficult than standing in the grass.  It was well worth it though, when I got to the barn, I was rewarded with bacon wrapped scallops as an appetizer which my boyfriend and I stuffed our faces with.  I took my shoes off during dinner and hid them under the table.. when the DJ started, I mustered up all the energy my feet had left to dance.

Hopefully these shoes break in with some time and wear because they are too beautiful to keep hidden away in my closet!

(dress: NastyGal |shoes: Pour La Victoire)

I purchased the Sedu hair clipless curler on which I used to create the curls in the photos above. has all sorts of hair products that you never knew you needed and if you're patient, they're always running some sort of discount or promotion.  Along with the clipless curler, I also purchased the Sedu Anti-Frizz Moroccan Argan Oil.   Moraccan argan oil acts as a heat protectant that you use before curling and anti-frizz for after curling.

The clipless part of this curling iron makes it a bit more dangerous to curl your hair in the sense that it's really easy to burn yourself.  The curler comes with a heat resistant glove that does a good job of protecting your hands except it's bulky, making it difficult to actually curl your hair so I prefer not to use it.  This of course means taking the chance of burning myself which I've already done multiple times, so I'm proud of myself when I don't burn myself more than twice in one sitting.

That all being said, I actually did my hair the night before the wedding so I could save some time in the morning, so as you can tell, the curls stayed in my hair quite well.  I never thought it was possible for me to create such nice curls, let alone having them stay for days at a time.  If I'm going to curl my hair the night before, I curl them a bit tighter so they can relax while I sleep and still look fresh in the morning.  It's amazing the difference that curling your hair makes, with a casual outfit and no makeup, I still felt done up the next morning for breakfast.  This is definitely a curler I'd recommend so if you're in the market one, invest in the Sedu clipless curler!


Live in the moment and make it so beautiful it will be worth remembering.

Instagram snapshots of Vermont starting with the chillest dog ever.  He was just laying on the ground like this when we first arrived and I couldn't resist taking a picture.  He belonged to someone who worked at the inn, it was amazing how good he was, just hanging around for all the festivities and spending much of his time lounging in the sun like below.


This is a shot of the bouquet a bridesmaid held, I loved the color scheme and how simple they were.  I'll have to keep these in mind if I ever get hitched.  The color scheme of the wedding was pink for the girls and this deep purple-y flower for the boys, so the bouquet did a great job of incorporating both colors.  The name escapes me at the moment, but I'm pretty sure I saw them in this episode of Candidly Nicole.  Side note, Candidly Nicole is a great little web series, short, sweet, and super amusing to me.  Definitely worth watching!

I took a photograph of chairs set up before the ceremony.  You can see in the photo the small garden maze and alpaca farm in the background, not to mention the beautiful mountain and blue skies that we were lucky enough to enjoy all weekend.

Last but not least, the boyfriend and I during the wedding.  He wore a gray suit that all the groomsmen got.  I went with a dress I purchased from Nasty Gal that worked super well with the outdoor wedding ceremony because of the airiness of the dress.

And the fact that I got this dress on sale doesn't hurt either.  Yay for sales!

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The key to getting ahead is getting started.
- Mark Twain

These photos were taken on outside the mill house that was on the grounds that the wedding in Vermont was at.  We were lucky enough to stay on the grounds because my boyfriend was in the ceremony and the scenery around there was simply gorgeous.

This was my car ride outfit, literally the second we arrived and picked up the keys to the house, I dragged my boyfriend to take some photos before the others arrived.  We had a bit of fun with the photos and managed to get some good shots which I attribute to location and privacy (I'm still a little camera shy especially when other people see me and my boyfriend taking blog photos).

The Hudson cropped tuxedo jeans were perfect, they are the most comfortable pair of jeans that I own.  And on the plus side, tuxedo stripes are slimming on the legs while adding a bit of interest to an otherwise boring pair of jeans.  Typical me, I purchased several pairs of these and wore a black and white pair to the rehearsal dinner.  They are extremely versatile and easily dressed up and down depending on the outfit, as you'll see in a later post from the rehearsal dinner.

(top: H&M |jeans: Hudson |sneakers: Superga |bag: Givenchy Pandora |sunglasses: Celine)


There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy.

Details of another outfit from my weekend in Vermont featuring my Superga kicks in green.  I've embraced these "Italian Converses" (can't remember where I saw them referred to as that but I liked it).  Converses have a tendency to make me look more kiddish while Superga's at least keep me maintaining my actual age (visually anyway).


The other parts of my outfit include the first outing of my Givenchy Pandora bag in camel (*gasp* .. it's not black?!). Little did I know that it went seamlessly with all my outfits that weekend proving to me that I can in fact own things that are not black.