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Happy Holidays

A little late, but Merry Christmas to everyone!  Borrowed this lovely Christmas sweatshirt from my old co-worker that looks like it was made by a small child.  Paired it with these awesome rag & bone skinny's that fit like a glove.  Hope everyone got good stuff this year!

(bottoms: rag & bone |shoes: Zara)


Weekend Mashup

 As I get older, I feel the sudden urge to rekindle friendships with old friends.  Maybe I'm getting nostalgic, but this day and age, even with all different types of social media out there, sometimes it feels like I'm not really connecting with other people like I should be anymore.  I've always considered myself awkward and terrible at communicating so one of my resolution this upcoming year will be to reconnect with old friends which I started this weekend.

Saturday afternoon my boyfriend and I headed over to my friend's house and had wine/cheese followed by a home cooked dinner (the most "grown up" thing I've done in a while).  The guy at the local wine/cheese shop we went to recommended us some great cheeses to try.  It's always awesome when the person making the recommendations is passionate about the subject, we got to try a lot of different cheeses and went home with a cheddar, a gouda, and something I can only describe as brie but creamier.  I'm not a sophisticated cheese eater.. all I know is it was amazing with the apricot cracker we paired it with.

Sunday morning we went and grabbed dim sum in Chinatown with some of friends from college.  We unexpectedly spent the rest of the day with that crew.  I'm always saying how I can't do anything without planning it ahead of time anymore so it was great how well the whole day ended up turning out, had a great time reminiscing and eating the whole day away!

Every tomorrow has two handles.
We can take hold of it with the handle
of anxiety or the handle of faith.
-Henry Ward Beecher