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Hello? What's that? I'm bored? Thanks for calling.

HR has decided that black skinny jeans are no longer an acceptable piece of clothing to wear to work. It was a sad day for me... my co-workers believe I shall be affected the most by the new policy, they may be right...

I am currently in love with crocheted pieces and scalloped edges.

Also, I still have the Alexander Wang Luggage Donna up on ebay here. Have a great weekend, it's supposed to be beautiful tomorrow in Jersey!

(top: Forever 21 |bottom: Urban Outfitters |shoes: Steve Madden Melrow |rings: Noir, Forever 21 & Elizabeth & James)


Well, no, but I might be wearing a witty thong!

Maxi dresses have a tendency to be too long on me because I'm so short, so this one from H & M is no exception (it's probably about a foot of fabric too long). First I thought about getting it professionally hemmed, but after the estimate turned out to be more than the dress, I rejected this idea (to hem jersey material is ridiculously expensive). Then I toyed with the idea of just chopping off the bottom and leaving it raw, but my OCD rejected this idea. Today, as I was dressing for work, I put on the dress and belted it, coming up with this look which I actually quite like (perhaps more than just having the dress on without draping it). So ended my nightmare of what to do with this dress, I just loved it too much to part with it on Ebay.

Oh, and since I always like to mention a little bit about work.. I've managed to get some virus on the computer rendering it completely unusable at this point. Considering I am probably the most computer literate in the company besides the IT guy, it sucks that I got such a bad virus .. so sad.. been mourning my computer all day..

(dress: H&M |sandals: Sam Edelman Gigi |rings: Noir, Forever 21, and Vivienne Westwood |bag: Alexander Wang Diego)


Alexander Wang Sydney Leather Backpack

Another AW bag for sale on ebay, this time it's a leather backpack.. only Alexander Wang could make a backpack this cool.... you can find the listing here.

I am also selling my Steve Madden Melrow clogs in natural (size 7).. they just don't fit with my wardrobe like my black ones do, only been worn about 4 times so they are in excellent condition, you can find them here.

Btw, Gilt has some great stuff coming up for sale, if you need an invite, click here to sign up. I'm looking forward to the Noir and Faryl Robin sale today (hoping they will have the wedges I was dying for recently).


Alexander Wang Donna Hobo

I have two Alexander Wang Donna Hobo bags up for sale on ebay, one in luggage and one in fatigue green, they are both absolutely gorgeous bags but since I recently purchased my Eniko and fell in love with it, I unfortunately have to part with these. You can find them here and here.


Are you wearing smarty-pants, because that was a great idea!

This post is going to have a lot of pictures, for once I didn't hate everything I took, in fact I think I pretty much liked every picture I took...

Abercrombie was once what I religiously wore (and worked at) until one day I realized how much I can't stand wearing their clothes (not to mention I looked like I was 14 when I did), however in the last month, I ordered a couple of things that actually fit into my wardrobe. As a couple of you mentioned your disbelief that the shorts in the last post were Abercrombie, this velvet sheer tank top is as well and I actually love it. I most likely should have gotten a size larger just for the length but this shirt is pretty awesome.. sorry that I couldn't get a close up of the detailing.

Also trying to get the hang of socks and shoes (eventually took them off and stuffed them in my bag)... too bad I'm so short that all my jeans should probably be hemmed, however out of stubbornness, I refuse to because the hemmed jeans just never have as good a hem as unhemmed jeans (if this statement makes any sense..). I like cuffing them lately, but of course since they are so long, I can only roll them up so much until they become too fat to look good (again pardon me if this also doesn't make any sense).

Btw if you haven't already noticed, I'm horrible at writing my thoughts down.

(top: Abercrombie & Fitch |bottom: Gap |shoes: Steve Madden Melrow |bag: Alexander Wang Eniko |rings: Made Her Think & Noir)


You know I had a dream once.

It's been raining yesterday and today... got the Frye boots out of the closet and stomped around my backyard in them. Seemed appropriate...

This week has been full of work because a lot of my co-workers decided to go on vacation. So far it's been unbelievably frustrating, I've learned to just rely on myself. Office dynamics are a strange thing.. so much he said she said.. I tend to keep to myself as much as I can. I really need to start thinking of what I want to do next, go back to school, pursue a new job... I have no idea. My mom asked a family friend of ours who works for Rag & Bone if they might have anything. How awesome would that be, though obviously I have no hopes for that because I have no training in anything except being great at all types of office work.. like I've always said, I'd make a fabulous secretary if all else fails.

(top: American Apparel| shorts: Abercrombie & Fitch| Boots: Frye| Rings: Soixante Neuf, Made Her Think & Noir)

If anyone is interested, I have my Alexander Wang Camel Suede Diego listed up on ebay here... only used it a handful of times, it got some color transfer from my jeans which is the main reason why I am selling it.. also check out the other items I have up, I went on a listing spree on Sunday/Monday so there is a ton of stuff.