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You know, I really didn't want to be invited to the 'bitch brunch'.

Awesome weekend including my Friday night out and a surprising win with my volleyball team at a tournament yesterday. Let's just say it was a huge comeback and well deserved.

Oversized sweater from Textile Elizabeth and James. I love this line, so far I this sweater and two pairs of jeans as well. This sweater is just super soft and slouchy, one size too big and sleeves that are too long making it perfection for me. The only problem is that it has a tendency to leave lint all over anything I wear it over.

(sweater: Textile Elizabeth and James |ring: Made Her Think Double Talon Ring)


Honey, I'd suck the alcohol out of a deodorant stick, so you're asking the wrong gal.

Rough night out with my some volleyball friends.. my friend is going away to China for 4 months so it was one last hurrah before the trip. Using the word rough loosely, mostly meaning lots of beer and shennanigans, running around like crazy, screaming our heads off, and mostly being obnoxious (at least in others opinions). I hate when people expect some "quiet" going out to a bar on a Friday night.. if you want quiet, go home read...

(top: Asos |jeans: Current Elliott |shoes: Asos |ring & necklace: Lowluv xErin Wasson |bag: Alexander Wang Diego)


I like him. I like him like I like the Statue of Liberty. I know he's there but I don't need to see him all the time.

Winter doesn't allow me to wear accessories like I usually do. Do you wear gloves in the winter over your rings and what not?

(ring & necklace: Lowluv x Erin Wasson)


My Ebay

I provided a link on the right so you can check out what I have up on Ebay. Here are some snapshots of what I have listed at the moment:


Rule number one. Unless you're served in a frosted glass, never come within four feet of my lips.

My new obsession.. lip stain, with a teensy bit of gloss. I prefer the Revlon Just Bitten lip stain because it has chapstick attached to it which is nice. It is applied like a marker, making it slightly difficult for me to apply, at this point I'm still learning.


You'd do that for me? You'd invite my family into your own home?

My Alexander Wang family.. realized I forgot my black Sydney backpack but it probably wouldn't have fit with the photos anyway.


That wasn't the instinct of a mom, that was the instinct of a person who didn't take out insurance on his passenger

The sequin blazer is the Minkpink Black Magic Jacket, it has a cut out in the back. Great for a night out on the town.

(blazer: Minkpink |dress: Forever21 |shoes: Topshop |bag: Mulberry Alexa clutch |ring: YSL)


Hello Starshine.

I am beginning to play with my camera a little bit more.. I know it has so much potential but I have little knowledge of how to use it.

Got a Deborah Lippmann nail glitter nail polish recently, I first saw it in a picture on ebay and asked the seller what nail polish it was. The one she had was Ruby Red Slippers which is a beautiful glittery red. I snagged myself Happy Birthday which is just multi-colored glitter. Slightly difficult to get all the globs of glitter onto your nail and evenly distributed. Sorry for the poor job that I did on my nails. I am pretty awful at painting my nails..

(Deborah Lippmann - Happy Birthday)