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Birkenstock 2.0

Been lacking with the outfit pictures lately because of my new schedule, so instead I've been using my Samsung to document the details of my outfits.  Birkenstocks have obviously been on my mind lately, I officially wore my J.Crew ones out and they are a perfect spring & summer shoe.  The white bottoms make it an instant summer sandal for me.  It is also great to be able to slip on a pair of sandals and go rather than fiddle with straps and what not.

I did manage to track down a pair of the Monterey Exquisite Birkentsocks at Barneys but they sent me the wrong size so I'm quite disappointed, however I thought I'd share.  I'm still trying to track down a 37 so if anyone sees a pair of these, definitely email me!

(J.Crew x Birkenstock)

It is wonderful how much work one
can find to do in so tiny a plot of ground.
- Celia Thaxter


Personal Style

It's fine to be inspired by all the fashionable bloggers I follow, but sometimes I need to remind myself to stay true to my own personal style as well.  Still, I can't pass up a good, inexpensive piece, even if it's been shown all around the blogosphere.  The tendency seems to be that even though a trend or item is all over the internet, I rarely see it in my everyday life.  So it's okay to get that Zara skort that everyone had last year (I got one while it was on sale!), I have yet to see someone with that skort on, in fact, most people ask me if skorts are just in fashion again.