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Ya know how sharks are eating machines? We're shopping machines. That means all we do is shop & poop. So what're we going to do?~God I hope it's shop.

Recap of this weekend…Started out by playing in the Corona Wide Open beach volleyball tourney on Saturday at Seaside Heights (yes, the Jersey shore). Hung out with bf/friends and beach volleyball people all day. As usual with my volleyball team, things got a little crazy.. example, me and my "older sister" wrestling, rolling around and trying to shove sand into each other’s bathing suits.

Afterwards, me and the bf/his friend met up with his roommate to have a bbq. We went grocery shopping, so me and the bf were in the back seat while the other two were in the front. Upon arriving in the Shop Rite parking lot, we're about to get out and I say to the bf "do I need anything?" and he replies "nope." He then gets out of the car and slams the door shut with me in it (not realizing I was about to come out behind him). I spent the rest of the night making fun of him for that. Ate good food and drank some beer.. got to play some beer pong (which I didn't suck at, this felt good after a day of me playing some crappy beach volleyball). Passed out during the car ride home.

Sunday, ate Mongolian bbq for lunch and mattress shopped with the bf (as he calls it, a guy's first big purchase). He spent this time talking to sales associates and learning all one needs to know about mattresses, while I relaxed on each bed and played Angry Birds. Made meatloaf and asparagus for dinner (growing up in a Chinese household, I have never made meatloaf in my life) and it was yummy.

(dress: Christopher Kane x Topshop |shoes: Jessica Simpson |bag: Alexander Wang |sunglasses: Ray-Ban)

My new favorite lip stain is by Tarte, it doesn't make my lips feel as dry as the Revlon Just Bitten ones do, and I still have a lot of trouble using the Revlon ones and applying them evenly on my lips. The color "Amused" (which I am wearing) adds a great pop of color to any outfit for the summer.


I'm wearing your dirty bathwater in a vial around my neck.

Me and Margaret had a photoshoot yesterday. We're still trying to work out the kinks but if anyone can give tips on how they do photoshoots with people vs. a tripod, it would be much appreciated. With my tripod, I can do whatever I want and weed out all the ugly pictures but when someone is taking photos and you're "modeling" I think my tendency is to get a lot more self conscious (I believe Margaret would agree). Not knowing what to do with your body and face and thinking that the person photographing you is wondering "what are they doing.." is how I feel these things go. Not to mention we were in her backyard which apparently has a lot of bugs in it and I left with multiple bites, including one in the middle of my eye brows.

Anyway, for now are some photos of me with my trusty tripod.. I like when I randomly catch the sun at certain angles and capture that sort of dreamy look...


I've got drinks piling up on my desk and a stack of pills I haven't even opened yet!

Here are some random snapshots from Dallas. Only a couple of the girls on my volleyball team know about my blog so I end up having to weed out a bunch. I have had some awesome times with these girls..

Puffy eyes from lack of sleep

Broke the sink on the first day due to loading too much ice and beer in it. All four of us proceeded to freak out and run across the hall in towels (some of us had just showered) to one of our "brother" team's rooms. We quickly stashed our beer in their tub, scooped out the ice/water with a cup, and flushed the evidence down the toilet. Then we called the front desk and somehow got free breakfast out of the whole ordeal... :)

Relaxing by the pool

ray-ban swap

random person's vball

diner that was next door to the hotel we were staying at where we ate 75% of our meals

visit to the art museum

(my friend was scolded by some guy who said "Ma'am, please don't climb in the artwork")



(on-going joke on my being the "help" in the room.. the team decided to take an action shot of me helping my "mistress")

time to go home

vball teammates forever

As the unofficial documenter of trips/occasions, my friends like to kid that I am totally the stereotypical asian and that I take too many pictures. I went through a phase of lack of photos in college and have little memory of what happened during that period of time. Everyone of course appreciates the photos after the fact, so it all pays off in the end. I just wish I had a photographer for myself because blogging would be 10x's easier / I would actually have photos of myself and my time with people.


Ha ha. Oh, honey. I got a fake laugh with your name all over it.

These are old pictures from a cooler day, I've worn this outfit before a lot more dressed down but I must admit that I love my "burlap sack." Last picture is a glimpse of the contents of my bag currently. I recently purchased one of those small leather pouches from American Apparel in yellow which goes along really well with my green Proenza Schouler wallet. This summer is all about neon brights for me, so these two items fit in perfectly. I adore how they look inside my mostly black bag collection.

(sweater & shoes: Topshop |ring: YSL |necklace: Forever 21 |bag: Alexander Wang)