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Belated Happy Birthday to me

It's been a hectic week and I am still suffering from sleep deprivation, so I'm a little late on this birthday post since it technically ended an hour ago.  So far, it's been a low key birthday involving, going to work (I've never been one of those girls to take off just because it's my birthday), where my sweet co-workers got me a balloon, my favorite candy, and cupcakes.  Later on my mom greeted me with my second round of cupcakes from Crumbs which are humungo and decadent.  She also remembered me mentioning not having anywhere to put my jewelry.  Now I have no excuse since she got me an adorable jewelry stand.

Time to get some much needed rest, can't wait to continue birthday celebrations this weekend with the bf and friends.  Kicking off my beach volleyball season this Saturday, super excited!


Don't let yesterday take too much of today.

Procrastinating is a specialty of mine, especially when it comes to packing.  This time, my volleyball team and I are flying / driving to Kentucky for a big tournament.  In an effort to save some money, I have to strategically get all my clothes and volleyball gear into a carry on and backpack.  After some contemplation, I ultimately decided stick to a black, white, and gray palette of t-shirt basics and jeans for everyday wear in order to save space, in hopes that everything will go together when I actually have to dress myself.  The one pop of color will be provided by my Alexander Wang Marion, a last minute decision.

Here's to hoping that I didn't forget anything, good volleyball, and fun times.  Have a lovely long weekend, see you guys next week!

(Alexander Wang Marion in spice)



I've been on a delicate jewelry kick lately after discovering this amazing brand Gorjana.  They have the most adorable little charm necklaces that are great for layering, and small cuff bracelets that don't overwhelm/fit my skinny wrists.  I can't get enough of this brand at the moment and it's perfect timing because these pieces are great to show off in the spring and summer.  You can find them on Gilt as well, but be quick, sale ends tomorrow!


What makes you different makes you beautiful.

These red Pamela Love x Nine West boots grow on me more and more, despite the fact that my first choice was black. It seems the preferred color for me to incorporate into my black and gray wardrobe is red and burgundy at the moment.  For example, in the last post I am wearing a jacket with a burgundy body, and the only two bags I own of color are burgundy as well.

With that being said, warm weather makes me want to abandon my darker clothes, so I'm on the hunt for some more pastel and bright colors to wear for the summer.  Suggestions are always welcome!

(jeans: Citizen of Humanity |boots: Pamela Love x Nine West |sweater: Uniqlo |jacket: Zara |hat & bag: Alexander Wang)


"Happiness depends upon ourselves" - Aristotle

Rag & Bone can do no wrong, except be more expensive than I'd like.  I've successfully built myself a collection of their items into my wardrobe as things slowly go on sale.  My friend recently found some rag & bone Newbury booties at TJ Maxx on clearance for $150.  Naturally I told her to grab me a pair since those are some of my go to shoes.

I got this jacket on sale online this winter.  It's super comfortable, and the sleeves can be zipped off making it into a vest.  Perhaps I'll try doing the leather jacket with vest over look some day.  For now, I love it how it is.

(top, jacket, & booties: rag & bone |jeans: Citizen of Humanity |bag: Mulberry Oak Leopard Alexa)


Don't be like the rest of them darling.

With all the weddings I've been invited to (courtesy of the boyfriend), I decided to invest in a good curling iron.  I never thought I could achieve sleek curls that last, but that all changed when I discovered the Sedu clipless curling iron.  I'll have to do a review on it one day, but it's really an amazing curling iron.  That along with the Sedu anti-frizz polishing treatment makes my curls super shiny and sleek.  Now the only thing I've got to get down is the technique.  Shirley Temple-esque curls do not suit me.


Work hard, have fun.

Here's my full outfit from the beer festival this winter.  The layers allowed me to stay warm, move, and be comfortable at the same time, things that I find missing in a lot of fashion bloggers' outfits.  Not to say that I'm not jealous of the fabulous lives fashion bloggers live or seem to live at times, but practical fashion has been my mantra as of late.

Anyway.. I love that the night ended with my friends and I smuggling bottles beers out in our coat pockets.. we're such a rebellious bunch.
(top: American Apparel |jeans: Citizens of Humanity |shoes: Isabel Marant |coat: Zara)


Time to drink and dance on the table!

The weekend starts right now for me, I'm taking Friday off to travel to a wedding in Vermont that my boyfriend is in.  Can't wait because it's going to be gorgeous weather and from what I can tell, the area of Vermont where we are going to be is beautiful.  A good little mini vacation for the two of us, I'll be sure to bring back some photos.

So I leave you guys with some Instagram photos from a couple months ago of a beer festival that I went with my friend to.  As far as my first beer festival, it was a good one.. besides the humungo line outside to get in.  Unfortunately it was freezing so I was thankful that I wore my coat rather than thinking I could get away with sucking it up outside just so I didn't have to carry anything once I got in.  Things I learned for future beer festivals include, make pretzel necklaces so as not to get wasted and get on the bathroom line early or you'll pee your pants before you get to it.  Here are some snapshots of some beers I wanted to remember, I'll share my outfit in the next post.  I went for comfort since I knew I'd be doing a ton of walking with people who would likely not be sober.

Some of the drinks I got to taste was the oldest beer in the world (delicious) and some organic tequila (surprisingly delicious).  It was a great first experience, we had no lines even though I'd heard that there are are usually super long lines to try the beers, so we all got a chance to try almost all the beers.  A must go for any beer drinkers out there!