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Belated Happy Birthday to me

It's been a hectic week and I am still suffering from sleep deprivation, so I'm a little late on this birthday post since it technically ended an hour ago.  So far, it's been a low key birthday involving, going to work (I've never been one of those girls to take off just because it's my birthday), where my sweet co-workers got me a balloon, my favorite candy, and cupcakes.  Later on my mom greeted me with my second round of cupcakes from Crumbs which are humungo and decadent.  She also remembered me mentioning not having anywhere to put my jewelry.  Now I have no excuse since she got me an adorable jewelry stand.

Time to get some much needed rest, can't wait to continue birthday celebrations this weekend with the bf and friends.  Kicking off my beach volleyball season this Saturday, super excited!


  1. Aw well a Happy Birthday to you my dear! Those cakes are so cute :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  2. Happy Birthday!! Now where´s my cake?? Lol

    The Black Label

  3. Yay Happy Birthday to you!!! I like to make my birthday last at least a week.

  4. Happy birthday. What amazing looking cakes. I love the last picture, I have one very similar.

  5. thanks for your comment !
    awesome cupcakes :p