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Vivid Graphic Prints

This is another throwback picture from the summer, although I probably could have worn something similar today considering how warm it was. It was a record 67 degrees today in NJ on the second day of winter. Even with Christmas a couple of days away, this year hasn't quite felt as spirited and holiday-like for some reason.  Hopefully with friends coming back into town and the weather cooling back down, it'll start feeling a little more like Christmas.

Clover Canyon is known for some vivid and unique graphic prints. I am especially obsessed with their mirror printed pieces at the moment. This neoprene mini skirt is a great piece on it's own, which is why I paired it with a simple over-sized t-shirt and neutral sandals. Only problem with this skirt is that whenever I walk in it, it tends to hike up and I spend half my time pulling it back down.   Anyone have a solution to this? The only thing I've found that works so far (besides taping it to my thighs) is taking smaller steps but I look a little ridiculous walking like that.

I am a huge fan of my short hair in these photos.  I don't know why it took me so long to take a chance and cut it sort for the summer months.  It was so much easier to manage and in these pictures, it looks really healthy.  My hair has already grown out past my shoulders now, but winter is a good time for long hair.  Keeps you warm!  However, when summer comes, I won't hesitate to chop it off again!

(t-shirt: Madewell |skirt: Clover Canyon |sandals: Zara |bag: Givenchy)


Denim Cut Offs

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, the holidays been proven to be super busy, both at work and on weekends.  I haven't had a chance to relax and take pictures as much as I would like.  Also the freezing cold hasn't helped my urge to go outside and take outfit photos for the blog.  Hopefully my time will free up soon and I can get back to blogging more!

Here's another throwback outfit from the summer.  How I long to wear an outfit like this right now.  Maybe on Sunday when the weather is supposed to be a whopping 63 degrees.  What's going on Mother Nature, aren't we supposed to wish for a white Christmas?!

Anyway, over the summer I had been searching for a pair of bleached denim cut offs at the right price.  Funny enough, a lot of my favorite cut off shorts come from Abercrombie, a place I don't shop at very often anymore.  My one big requirement for cut off shorts is that they don't have any spandex or stretch in them.  I find that shorts without stretchy materials age the best, especially on the cut off areas.  Abercrombie has a good selection of denim shorts, and they are always having sales online.  Make sure that if you're looking for a pair of denim shorts with no stretch, the material says 100% cotton.  I can't say anything about the fit for Abercrombie shorts because I usually order a whole bunch, hope for the best, and return the losers (a common shopping practice that I've developed).

(top: rag & bone |shorts: abercrombie |sneakers: Superga |bag: Mulberry Alexa)


Cause you're amazing, just the way you are.

Here is a photo at the Bruno Mars concert I dragged my boyfriend to a couple of months ago.  This was back when my hair was long enough to curl without burning myself 5 times.  I thought I’d be able to last in the boots until the end of the concert seeing as we were at Prudential Center and we had seats, but everyone decided they wanted to stand (apparently I’m a lazy concert goer).  Luckily I brought myself a pair of sandals so I changed into those as soon as my feet started to ache.  I instantly because 5 inches shorter and was unable to see as well.  Short people problems.

Going to a concert of a big named artist is always an experience.  There’s a considerable amount of people watching to be done..  A lot people go fan girl (or boy) over the artist (did anyone see SNL this weekend with One Direction?).  My boyfriend pointed out to a mom and her daughter going berserk over Bruno Mars at times in the row behind us.  He proved that he’s just as amazing in a huge arena as he is in a small venue.

I saw him in a much smaller venue a couple of years back and it was a very different experience, see my post here. The whole  and for concert was much more intimate, he pulled out the ukulele and performed “Count On Me” making it one of my favorite songs that year.  For some reason, at that concert, I was surrounded by the tallest people at the concert, so I had a hard time seeing there too.

He’s just crazy talented and makes fun music for his fans.  One thing to note if you go to his concert, there are a LOT of screaming girls / ladies.  For some reason I didn’t expect this, though looking back on the experience, I really shouldn't have been surprised. I was thrilled to hear that he was performing at the Superbowl halftime show, it’ll definitely be one of my favorites!

(jeans and boots: rag & bone |t-shirt: Madewell |bag: Alexander Rockie)