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You know what else is sad? Poor people who have dreams.

Sorry for the lack of posts, life's gotten the best of me.

Got burnt to a crisp this weekend at the beach watching AVP (beach volleyball). I love this sheer blouse that I got from Alexander Wang, great to layer over anything, bought it in a size way too large for me, yet still perfect.

(dress: T by Alexander Wang top: Alexander Wang shoes: Steve Madden rings: Made Her Thing, Noir & Forever 21)

btw, I am selling an Alexander Wang Millie satchel on ebay if anyone is interested.. you can find that here.


I just want to say that the secret to a happy marriage is... oh, who am I kidding?

Attended my friend's roommates wedding. I was her date, we made a cute asian lesbian couple. Spent a majority of the time sipping on tequila sunrises & people watching. There were these two girls who must have been wasted (or else there is no excuse) because they were dancing so erratically. My friend and I were amused for at least 20 minutes laughing our asses off at one doing some sort of pixie dance while the other was busy doing her tribal mating dance. Too funny.

(dress: Forever 21 shoes: Balenciaga rings: Forever 21, Noir, Elizabeth & James)


if you want to lose weight, try my diet.
Whenever I want to eat I have a friend come over & steal my food.

Rather than have a friend, I'll have my dog do it.

I really don't wear these Ann Demeulemeester boots that I picked up enough, I threw them on with this outfit though because I love them. Honestly I get so many comments on them, most of them consisting off "oh it looks like someone forgot to make the heel of your shoe" or something of the sort.

(top: American Apparel bottom: Cheap Monday belt: BCBG jewelry: Soixante Neuf & Forever 21 shoes: Ann Demeulemeester)

This is my dog trying to get the last bits out of a giant bag of dog food.


I've got something tough to tell you. Uh, I'm fabulous, okay?

The humidity of NJ does not agree with me or my skin. I prefer the dryer heat of Arizona. Maybe because the days were spent playing volleyball and drinking by the pool because it's too hot to do anything else.

(shirt & shorts: Urban Outfitters shoes: Jessica Simpson Dany belt: Lucky jewelry: Soixante Neuf & Made Her Think)


Your things are my things, so I'll just take them back.

Got sick after coming back from Phoenix on Monday, will do a proper update as soon as possible. I got this floral print dress from Forever 21, not sure how I feel about it yet.