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Too Cold For Comfort

It's back to the freezing cold and snow again this weekend.  All I want to do is wear my comfy clothes and stay inside.  I love that tailored sweatpants is a trend nowadays so I can fashionable wear them around in public.

(bag: Givenchy |kicks: Nike |sweatpants: Zoe Karssen)


Yoga & Beer Tasting

This winter I got to experience a unexpected of combination of yoga and beer tasting (not at the same time of course).  I've been meaning to try more yoga, so knowing that beer tasting and food would follow was a good motivator.   If you're interested in something like this, Google search "yoga and beer tasting."  It's a lot more common that you would think!


Baby It's Cold Outside

The groundhog wasn't lying, it's another snowy day today.  Since I'm snowed in, here's some snapshots via my Instagram.  Being that the weather hasn't been cooperating, most of my Instagram has been focused on the food I've been eating rather than the outfits I've been wearing.  It's been my main source of photos recently.. it's honestly amazing how far technology has come.

1. Monday's snow day
2. Some ridiculously delicious chicken pot pie I got at a local poultry farm
3. Who doesn't love some chocolate covered fruit from Edible Arrangements?
4 & 5. I haven't been to Red Robin for a long time, but it's just as good as I remember!