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I have got, pants down, the best birthday present ever.

Today was my birthday! Long weekend, bbqed, partied in the city last night, fun times. This outfit was from last week, we got an email at work regarding our dress code, which is still casual but they reiterated the fact that we can't wearing anything that hits above the knee (there were a couple of knees showing that day).. so I came up with this for work. I'm cutting it close because it's not actually long enough but really, who wears stuff below the knee at our age? And I'm super short, so it just makes me look shorter. They didn't hassle me about it so I'll have to find more stuff to wear for the summer.

Tired now.. need to recharge. Off to Phoenix for a big volleyball tournament.. hopefully I don't melt because of the heat.

(dress: Christopher Kane for Topshop skirt: H&M shoes: Steve Madden rings: Made Her Think & Noir)


And everyone knows you're suppose to say, "hot plate, hot plate," when something's hot.

Currently relaxing in my basement as it seems to be the only place that isn't extremely hot in my house without that air conditioning on. Need to catch up on movies and shows, in particular the Lady Gaga Glee episode. I'm going to her concert sometime this summer, can't remember the date exactly, but it's pretty exciting since I have only been to one concert in my life. Other than that, I'm just trying to keep cool. My dog couldn't even handle the heat during her short walk, as you can see, this is how she coped with it after we got back to my house..

(dress: Asos necklace: Elizabeth & James, sandals: Dolce Vita)


You will never be a fish! Isn't it enough that you drink like one?

Am extremely exhausted after a weekend of hanging out with my college friends and drinking the night away after a long beach volleyball tournament. Currently I have no voice and I feel like a truck hit me. It's a wonderful feeling, the feeling of not being in shape.

(top: Forever 21 shorts: Ruehl shoes: Steve Madden Melrow jewelry: Vivienne Westwood & Noir)


Wow, how did I go my whole life without ever learning any of those words.

Falling in love with these shoes.. versatile and comfortable, most likely you'll see me wearing them often. Did my hair today with a braid again, these pictures are actually after a whole day of having it in my hair. As far as my hair, it held up well considering a) i suck at braiding my own hair and b) my hair is so thick that braids look god awful in it.

(top: H & M leggings: American Apparel jewelry: Noir & Vivienne Westwood shoes: Ann Demeulemeester)


I love errands. They're like mini-adventures for undesirables.

This is what I wore around my town on Saturday in search of a consignment shop I came upon mistakenly on Friday night when my friend and I went for sushi. It also happened to be the weekend of sidewalk sales so every shop had clothing racks hanging outside. I realized I do not have a clue how to go through a consignment shop to find things. I don’t have the eye for it yet. It’ll come to me hopefully, considering this is my first time. I walked around some more and found signs for another consignment shop, which had some higher end clothing. Right before I left, I went to one of the tables outside with shoes for an extra 50% off. There were these brown ankle boots that had a cut out on the heel that caught my eye. I tried them on and fell in love with the slightly strange look they had. Got them for only $25 and to my surprise they were by Ann Demeulemeester so it was a huge steal. Will have to figure out where I’m wearing these, but I can’t wait.

By the way, the shoes were relatively comfortable during my 2 hour stroll. However right when I was walking back to my car to leave, I tripped crossing the street in front of everyone. Only I would do that....

(top & bottom: Urban Outfitters shoes: Steve Madden Melrow rings: Elizabeth & James, Made Her Think, & Noir sunglasses: Grey Ant)


You know I'm a good biter. I once bit a jump rope in half.

I wore these shoes to work and people were like "whoa those are so high!!!!" They pretty much think I'm crazy for owning shoes like these, but most of them like them. Honestly, they are comfortable for heels. Since the platform is so large, it definitely makes them much more bearable than most of my shoes. On another note, my dog decided to be completely uncooperative. Not just when I was taking photos either. Currently she has decided to sleep on my bed (which is not usual for her), but annoyingly must sleep right in the center where my feet/legs would normally go. If I try to push her out of the way, she somehow rolls herself right back where she was originally. It's actually quite funny to watch but unbelievably inconvenient. Which is of course her goal.

(bottom: Paper, Denim & Cloth top: Urban Outfitters shoes: Jessica Simpson Dany jewelry: noir, made her think, & elizabeth and james)