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For those of you who don't already know about them, is the place to go for some adorably well made business cards.  You can create your business card using your own personal artwork, or choose from the many designs that they have available.  Their business cards come in different sizes as well, regular and mini sized, the mini being half the size of a regular business card.  I went with the mini size and they came out beautifully!



This is a throwback to my short hair last summer.  These were taken on a beautiful day the day before a road trip to Ohio for a wedding.  I was surprised at my ability to curl my hair although I think I scalded my neck with the curling iron.  

The skirt is from Brandy Melville and looks almost exactly like a Helmut Lang skirt that I had been eyeing.  Of course I couldn't resist the price for a great basic addition to my closet.  I love when an outfit comes together easily and exactly how you imagined it would.

(top: American Apparel |skirt: Brandy Melville |shoes: rag & bone Harrow |bag: Alexander Wang Jane |rings: Sincerely Jules & Gorjana)


Isabel Marant Cluster

How stoked is everyone for Daylight Savings Time?  Although it's not usually a celebratory event for most, I think everyone can agree that they are tired of the frigid cold and snowy weather that we've been experiencing around the country.  Leaving work and getting to see daylight will be a welcome sight for sore eyes.  I'm hoping that all the snow will melt away so I can safely wear my new Isabel Marant Cluster boots.  They are the dull relative of the studded, western Caleen but I love a good, closet staples that will last through the ages.

(Isabel Marant Cluster)