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At the count of ten, I will snap my fingers, and hopefully remember none of this.

I decided to sell the Sam Edelman Petty boots (pictured below). Anyone interested in purchasing them, they are a size 6.5 and are listed on ebay here.

I like the leopard pattern of the J.Crew slipper loafers more than the Sam Edelman's. I ultimately picked the loafers because being a short gir, the leopard print loafers don't overwhelm my small frame as much as the ankle boots do. I think the Sam Edelman's would work awesomely on a taller girl.. damn my short genes.


My hormones don't rage. Oh sure they get mad sometimes but then they just stop speaking to each other.

I'm enjoying the mild winter we've been having. Around the same time last year there was probably a foot of snow on the ground. I'm appreciative because January has been a busier time than I expected. Apparently many parents decided to procreate about 9 months ago and so now I have quite a few friends (that I actually speak to/like) celebrating their birthdays in January. I'm not used to this "not hibernating because it's cold outside" business in the winter. Pretty sure last winter was spent holed up in my room for fear of getting lost in the snow....

A couple of weekends ago when it was slightly colder, I wore one of my favorite jackets. It's a shearling jacket that I snagged on sale at Topshop. It also happens to be my warmest jacket. Who can complain about functional fashion?

(jeans: Current/Elliott |shoes: All Saints |jacket: Topshop |hoodie: American Apparel |bag: Alexander Wang)


He's delicate. Like a flower.Like a chubby, damaged flower who hates himself

I've always adored Karen from Wheredidugetthat's YSL men's leopard print boots that she has, so these Sam Edelman Petty's in leopard seemed like a good alternative. I have always liked the shape of the Petty's, and Karen had posted the leopard print ones as an alternative to her YSL's before. The photo below just made me crave them more..

I received the Petty's today and took a quick/crappy phone pic. I sent both photos above to my friend. She goes "Are you doing the same pose as her?" to which I replied "No I am not, I am in fact trying to hide my bare foot." She and I found this amusing as I never would have noticed if it weren't for her.

Still in the decision making period about the Petty's because J.Crew enticed me today with an email declaring their extra 40% off sale with code "OURTREAT" causing me to purchase these:

The J.Crew Darby Penny Loafers which I had also fallen in love with a while back, however did not fall in love with the price. On sale however, they were a must have. At the moment, I can't justify keeping two pairs of leopard shoes so one will have to go... What's your pick? So far I think the loafers are winning, I see them going with my closet more easily versus the Petty's.

Coincidentally, I flipped through an issue of Elle magazine where I fell in love with the outfit below, mainly those glitter slippers she is wearing. The whole outfit is lovely and made me desperately want a pair of these as well.

Lo and behold, J.Crew has the Darby Glitter Loafers (pictured below) which are a great alternative to the Jimmy Choo glitter loafers pictured above.


Pink wine makes me slutty.

Currently snowing outside so I took some time to take pictures of items that I'll be listing on Ebay a little later (check out the link on the right to see what I've got up).

This is the new Alexander Wang Fumo wallet I bought.. it should be able to fit my phone and keys (so I've heard). Haven't officially taken it out for a test run but I'll update you guys when I do!


Sum up the last two years? The country's broke. Betty White came back.

A clearer picture of my new Ash Trash boots. The leather is softer than my Frye boots which means a shorter breaking in period. Gorgeous and well constructed pair of boots, I can't wait until they get some wear and tear on them.


I'm losing my mind guys. I sometimes touch the frayed part of the power cord just to feel something.

I am in love with Alexander Wang's slouchy beanies, so when I saw one on sale on, I had to get it. Unfortunately I suffer from having a large head so this particular style didn't suit me as much as my other AW beanies so I gifted it to my boyfriend. He tends to stay away from wearing black (a matter that I asked him about and it was explained to me that being pale and blonde makes it hard to wear black because it causes him to look extra pale), so the gray color is perfect.

These photos are from before Christmas, we went out to a sandwich place in Morristown, NJ called C'est Cheese, which is a local favorite of ours. We probably go there every other week and it's always great service and yummy food with reasonable prices. It's within walking distance of his house so it's good to go for a walk when the weather is reasonable.

(jacket: Helmut Lang |jeans: Textile for Elizabeth & James |boots: Frye |bag: Mulberry |scarf: purchased in Hong Kong |sunglasses: Prada)


Monster Truck Shoes

Received these Burberry Prorsum shoes yesterday that I got on sale on Net-a-Porter.. unfortunately they have a scratch on the front right shoe so they are going back but I wanted to share them with you guys before I returned them. They are pretty comfortable considering their height.. I've strayed away from high platforms and been leaning more towards lower ankle boot types of shoes, stuff I can wear on a more day to day basis with some comfort. Not to mention going to the supermarket (because my life isn't that exciting) in giant platforms would probably get me some pretty strange stares.


I want friends who still lie to me because they don't want to hurt my feelings. I sadly kind of mean that.

The last of my photos from Hong Kong.. my mom, aunt & uncle, and I went on a mini hike while we were there. Course my Dunks came in handy because they were the most comfortable shoes I owned and I wasn't about to be hiking in a pair of my ankle boots. My boyfriend had to ask me if I owned a pair of sneakers at all considering he's never seen me in them unless I am playing volleyball.

(top: StyleMint |shorts: Ruehl |shoes: Nike |sunglasses: Ray-Ban)


And I just wanted to tell you that I'm gonna tap him like a maple tree. I'm gonna search him for some syrups. I'm gonna be having sex with him.

Just got these new Ash Trash boots in the mail today. Nabbed them during the post Christmas sales (along with a couple of other items). Quick phone shot of them with today's work outfit. The awkward positioning of my hand is due to being cold.
(top: StyleMint |pants: Gap |shoes: Ash Trash boots)


Are you like a Bond villain? You just told me your whole plan.

Yummy desserts from Hong Kong.. love me some mochi.