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Me, Myself and Mansur Gavriel

For those of you who don't follow me on Instagram, here's a shot that I took of me eating alone with my Mansur Gavriel tote.  Love that sunny gold interior!


Keep On Dreaming

I don't know the last time I posted an instant photo for you guys but I figured it was time.  This is probably one of the last times I'll be able to wear a dress this fall.  At this point I'm just grateful for every non-freezing day that I get.  Almost got rid of this dress but good thing I didn't!  It's easy, I always get compliments in it, I can wear it to a buffet and eat as much as I want or as a maternity piece in the future, and I adore it!  Can't get much better than that!  Added my statement bolo necklace and ankle boots and I was all set.

On another note, can anyone guess what my case is a drawing of?  Got it on Society6, they've got a great collection of artwork that you can make into almost anything!  Already thinking of the next case I'll get..

(dress: Current/Elliot |boots: rag & bone |necklace: Lionette NY |case: Society6)

We've got to have a dream if we
are going to make a dream come true.
- Denis Waitley


Summer Selfie

Daylight savings time means darkness at 5 pm.  Spreading the warmth with a summer love outfit!

It's been hard lately to get pictures of my outfits because of my new work schedule, so I've been selfie-ing it up lately to get you guys some snapshots of my outfits.  It's always nice when an outfit comes together the way you imagined..

(t-shirt: Sincerely Jules |skirt: Zara |shoes: Birkenstock x J.Crew |necklace: J.Crew)