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My catchphrase is: "24 hours in a day, 24 beers in a case." You figure it out.

My outfit for my 6 month anniversary dinner with the bf a month ago. I'm not one to celebrate anniversary's but I wanted an excuse to dress up with him for no reason. This plaid skater style dress is the epitome of fall for me. I can't wait to winterize it with some black tights and platforms for a holiday party!

(dress: Asos |jacket & shoes: Zara |bag: Theysken's Theory |bracelets: Erin Wasson x Lowluv, Links of London, nOir |ring: Pamela Love)


But now, I just have this new serenity thanks to Mr. Kabbalah.
He's not a person! He's not like Mr. Peanut.

It's been a whirlwind of catching up at work and figuring out how to fix my sleep schedule. Luckily the weather has been super nice, decently warm considering how far we are into the fall. All the leaves decided to fall while I was in Hong Kong. Now all the trees are bare and there are big leaf piles everywhere.

More leftovers from before I was left. These Toms are from the collaboration between Toms and The Row. Toms are ridiculously comfortable and good for days when my feet are just too tired to be tromping around in any sort of heel. I love that these are cashmere and plaid, it's fall perfection.  Who knows, someday I might even look into a degree online in fashion so I could design some shoes this great.

(top: H&M |bottom: Current Elliott |shoes: Toms x The Row |sweater: Topshop |sunglasses: Ray Ban)


Hey, I just got your message. You needed to see my ass and pee?
I needed to see you A.S.A.P.

New Theyskens Theory messenger bag that I snagged on Gilt. Small and simple construction.. can't wait to break it in. The straps are detachable so it can be used as a clutch as well.


Oh my God! This is a nightmare slash delightful!

Just got back last night (Wednesday) and I am completely turned around when it comes to time. Hong Kong is 13 hours ahead so whenever I was talking to the bf I would be super confused (so would he for that matter). Managed to sleep at 10:30pm last night and wake up at 6pm today. Don't worry.. I did wake up at 6am and finished up "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" .. then forced myself back to sleep thinking I would wake up at noon, however not be so jetlagged for work tomorrow. Little did I know, I would just keep sleeping and not wake up for another 10 hours.

I'll leave you guys with some of the first photos I took with the new lens. Maybe a month ago I was out in the city with my bf and his friends who were visiting. We did some sight seeing in NYC. I love this new 50mm lens! The bag is my new Alexander Wang, my favorite color for the Donna.

(top: Urban Outfitters |jeans: Current Elliott |hoodie: American Apparel |shoes: All Saints |bag: Alexander Wang)

My bf has started to get the hang of taking pictures for me so look out for more outdoor shots!


Oh, how sweet, would you like me to pre-heat the oven or do you want to just jump right in?

I recently purchased a new lens for my camera that is great for portrait pictures. In an effort to also enhance my photo taking ability, I purchased a "Nikon 3000 for Dummies" book. The plan is to read and retain everything in it.

A perfect time for reading should be while I'm on a plane to Hong Kong! I leave this Friday and I'm so excited. It's a much needed and well deserved vacation and I'll also be able to spend time with my family. Most of my family is there so I don't get to see them often. Hopefully I'll be able to get my hands on a computer and update periodically from there!

First two snapshots I took with my new lens


As much as I'd love to put on a trenchcoat and look for your grip on reality, I can't.

I recently sold off this bag.. but these photos are from a few weeks ago. I definitely need to wear this suede jacket more often, the color is absolutely perfect for fall.

On another note, I have managed to survive 3 big mother nature moments at my bf's.. heat wave, hurricane, and this past weekends snowstorm. Admittedly, my Hunter rain boots are the best things for snow and rain. I was a non believer of rain boots for a long time until I owned a pair and they are the most practical things in the world for semi severe weather.

I mentioned this to my coworkers and they said that rain boots aren't warm but I suggest a pair of thick warm socks (I stole wool ones from my bf this past weekend, but I a pair of skiing or snowboarding socks would work as well).. and your feet can be quite toasty.

(top: Misson x Target |skirt: Asos |shoes: Jessica Simpson |jacket: Topshop |ring: House of Harlow 1960| Bag: Marco Tagliaferri)


Come on, let's go down there and give her what-for!

More photos from our stroll in the national park.. I ended up changing my shoes to some lower heeled Topshop ones. These are great, they have a heel that is small enough to still be comfortable and are similar to my brown ankle boots that go with everything. Unfortunately they still aren't made for climbing rocking/grassy hills, which is what I did after I changed out of my huge wedges in the last post.

(top: Current Elliot |skirt: Forever 21 |shoes: Topshop Ambush |