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Hate him, hate him, hate him, hate him. He's dull, he's ugly and he don't make me laugh.

Fun with fisheye-ish lens. Decided to take a drive to the national park near my bf's house to take photos. Pretty proud of myself that I'm slowly venturing out in public for my blog. Course, I started off in 5 inch wedges on gravel and the second I saw people coming out of the woods from a hike into the area where we were.. I immediately beelined for the car.

The suede skirt is from Forever 21, yes, suede skirt. For $25. I bought it in black and mustard and they fit extremely well considering the price I paid for them. This outfit is pure love.. if only it was warm enough to still wear.. people in the tristate area - chance of snow for tonight and tomorrow? Does Mother Nature realize it's only October?!

(top: Current Elliott |skirt: Forever 21 |shoes: Topshop |bag: Mulberry |ring: YSL)


Where are the fish?
It is a laundromat. People come here to clean their clothes. Then they reuse them.

Taking photos on what I believe is the fire escape of my bf's house. The fire escape is located outside the window of one of his roommates rooms. I remember commenting that it would be kind of nice to have a date up there, just chatting and looking at some stars (I know I'm the type of girl who would appreciate something like that).

I had stalked this skirt by Spring & Clifton ever since I saw the versatility of it on an email "Planet Blue" sent me. It can be worn with the slit in the front or the back and is super comfortable. I managed to snag this striped one for 70% off at Shopbop towards the end of summer. I feel like fall is just whisking by and we're almost into winter already. I'll have to figure out how to wear this more often before the freezing temperatures are upon us.

(top: American Apparel |skirt: Spring & Clifton |shoes: Charles David Rally |ring: Pamela Love |bracelets: Lowluv & Links of London)


Which lever do I pull to be crushed by a safe?

Left over photos from the summer.. I absolutely love these shoes (I'm sure I've written about them before). They keep getting better with age and go with every outfit you can imagine, not to mention they are flat and comfortable. The plan is to wear them until they die but I deathly afraid of them dying because I won't be able to wear them anymore... do you have a pair of shoes like that?

(shoes: Charles David Rally |bracelets: Links of London & Lowluv x Erin Wasson|ring: Pamela Love)

These photos were taken by the bf.. notice how I awkwardly pick at my nails when I don't know what to do with myself. Bad habit of mine..


Did you kill a cheetah?

My boyfriend's favorite movie quote whenever I have anything leopard print on. Unfortunately these Franco Sarto Quid boots didn't quite fit me (skinny ankle issues!) so I'm selling them on Ebay. Check out my other Ebay items via the link on the right!

Hopefully I can find these a new home, they are an awesome pair of boots, comfortable and stylish and leopard all at the same time? .. how can you go wrong!


Please tell me that you didn't drink your lunch yet.

Nail polish colors that will be on heavy rotation during the winter .. currently wearing the center one which is Essie Mint Candy Apple.


You've just narrowed your world travel plans down to Denver.

Night is coming earlier and cooler weather is swooping in. I dread the moment Daylight Savings Time starts.. why do we need to turn the clocks forward? It just depresses me that night starts even earlier causing me to want to snuggle up in my bed and hibernate.

You know what the problem with maxi skirts (though I love the way they look).. it's that I tend to step all over the bottom and trip if I don't gather them up in my hands. Especially going up the stairs.. you cannot walk up stairs in a maxi and not gather the bottom in your hands. Not doing this will cause you to severely injure yourself as a result of tripping and rolling down the stairs...

(top: Topshop |bottom: Opening Ceremony |shoes: Topshop |ring: Soixante Neuf)


I wanna travel the world. Anywhere. Everywhere. You know, as long as it's clean and they speak English and it's safe.

Typical fitting room situation for me is having grabbed a ton of nice on the hanger dresses off the sales rack (of which I'm hoping one will work out) and a couple of sweaters/oversized tops (that were just too cheap to pass up but I don't think will work). What ends up happening? All the dresses are ill-fitting however the one top.. which is a Large.. fits me (to my liking at least). This is a typical fitting room situation for me. It's always the random item, not in my size and is just cheap enough for me to grab with me. So next time you go into the fitting room.. grab the random item that you don't think is going to work out.. because it just might..

Here are the rest of the photos from a couple posts ago. You can see the full outfit with those wedge platforms that I've been raving about. Topshop really has some fabulous shoes.. I have to stop myself from purchasing anymore items from them this week (already bought 3 sweaters). Right now I'm on the search for items to layer over my general collection of tops for the winter (that doesn't include my jacket).

(top: Urban Outfitters |bottoms: Gap |shoes: Topshop Vamp |ring: YSL |watch: Men's Swiss Legend)


American Gold/Ebay

Currently selling these American Gold items on Ebay:

Lolita Shorts

Navy Joaquin Blouse

chain not included

Photos from

Love both these items but they didn't fit me, so hopefully I can find them new homes, my loss is your gain! Check out what else I have listed on Ebay via the link on the right!


A magician, like a prostitute, never reveals her tricks.

Sorry for taking so long to get some clearer photos of the Unif Hellraisers.. comfortable and unique flats = amazeballs.

Big camera is out of commission for a while.. so my little Olympus PEN EP-2 is going to have to step up to the plate..


You got a set of eyes like two inviting pools of chocolate pudding.

Absolutely adore these suede wedge pumps. Such height and a decently comfortable (as comfortable a pair of 5 inch wedges can be), needless to say, they go with most of my wardrobe which just makes them that much better.