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I'm too tired to slap you. Bash your face up against my palm.

During black Friday I kind of went and bought two pairs of animal printed booties that I have yet to wear out of the house. I got them in zebra and leopard print and love both, but don’t have anywhere to wear them. I would love to wear them with any simple outfit to make it interesting.  Lately I’ve been in a funk with my clothing because I’m tired of everything that I have… I need more suggestions in where to shop because at this point I’m running of ideas.

(top: Urban Outfitters |leggings: LnA |shoes: Aldos |bag: Alexander Wang |ring: Noir)

I own this tank in 4 different colors, it's a great basic, I like stuffing my hands in the pockets on the sides. I have a tendency to purchase things that are cheap and comfortable in many different colors.


Maybe there is an alligator running around with me as a handbag...

I haven't had a chance to wear this dress out considering the weather. My fellow blogger Anita helped get me this dress on sale at Topshop for $15.. so I figured why the hell not, although Anita and my boyfriend were against the thought of me even liking it in any sort of manner. I kind of sort of love this dress.. unfortunately I'd get some weird stares if I wore this around my neighborhood..

I purchased this lace piece on Etsy (Babooshka Boutique I believe).. it originally had ill fitting long sleeves which I decided to cut off and now it fits me a bit better.

(dress: Christopher Kane for Topshop shoes: Jeffrey Campbell lace piece: Etsy rings: Noir & Vivienne Westwood)

If I had any nice spring/summer dresses, I'd definitely be breaking them out this weekend, it's been beautiful all week here.


The one who has to turn the lights on 14 times or the oceans will dry up?

I finally have electricity at home and my friend Joyce is back for spring break so I figured I'd utilize her to snap some pictures for me.  Much easier than running back and forth with the camera timer!  I decided to go outside (even though it was drizzling) for a change of scenery.  Being outside is also a nice option so I am not trying to balance the camera on some table or piano! I also realize I tend to squint when taking pictures.. it's odd.

(jacket & top: Urban Outfitters sweater: Club Monaco leggings: American Apparel boots: Nine West ring: Elizabeth & James)

The jacket is from last year.. people find it strange when I don't have it buttoned up but I'm used to it and like the look it gives. The cardigan is actually a men's extra small from Club Monaco, I like the masculine fit of it on me.

It was tough to have my friend take pictures with me since I couldn't stop laughing and taking it seriously.  I think laughter is something I do when I'm nervous during blog shoots.  It was my own fault that all the photos came out blurry, but I decided to share these two with you!

Lights Out

Because of a storm, I had to deal with 24+ hours of darkness.  The first night was spent reading by candlelight. My town was dead.. I felt like I was in a zombie movie for some reason.. super creepy.


Pretend to think, pretend to think.

The title pretty much explains my head at work today.

I woke up with some nice waves in my hair but then asian hair kicked in because after an hour it straightened out.

(shoes: Frye Bottom: American Apparel top: Urban Outfitters Jacket: Religion rings: Vivienne Westwood & Noir)

My co-workers like to call these my combat boots that I stomp around the office. They are the Frye Veronica Lace up. The leggings are American Apparel winter leggings, love these for cold weather, they are so thick and comfortable. The leather jacket I purchased on, they have a lot of great stuff there and shipping is very reasonable considering it's coming from overseas. The Vivienne Westwood Diamante Armour Ring I spent forever hunting down but it was worth it, better than I imagined.


Letting her hair down

Wore this to work yesterday minus the heels.. when I got home they were sitting outside my front door and I immediately put them on to take some pictures. Had to roll up my jeans a little to show the shoes off, slightly awkward but whatever. Also trying to grow my hair out.. it's never been super long on account of the fact that I have too much hair for my own good. My hair is made up of layers upon layers upon layers and my bangs have become semi non existent. Not sure what I'll do for my next hair cut though.. any ideas?

(top: Urban Outfitters |jeans: J Brand |shoes: Balenciaga)


Look what the cat cleaned up, showered, exfoliated, powdered, lipsticked, and dragged in...

Minus the exfoliation, powdered, and lipsticked, the title is rather accurate. After a long weekend of playing volleyball, I dragged my butt home and took a nice relaxing shower to wash away the aches and pains from diving all over the ground. Since it was early, I decided to take pictures of some new items I got. Skinned knees are the hazards of volleyball. Sorry ahead of time for the amateur pictures, still do not have the hang of self timing with no tripod.

(top: anthropologie |skirt: h & m |bag: Alexander Wang Diego |shoes: Jessica Simpson Dany)

The bag I recently purchased on ebay.. love the color and style in person.. The skirt was a bargain I got from H&M for $5.. great sale that ended up with me buying a bunch of stuff. Kind of reminds me of an Alexander Wang skirt but more drapey:

Available here at shopbop


And why do I shop anywhere else?

The blazer I wore to work today, simple yet a little bit different.. it wasn't as enticing online as it was when I received it. Purchased on sale at Urban Outfitters for less than $10 I figured why not? Turns out it was a great investment and now I love it..

I'll work on some clearer pictures with my actual face but so far it's been absolutely impossible to get anything usable on my own.. I may have to invest in a tripod of some sort eventually to make this happen.


Alexander Wang Rocco Duffle

Just saw the new quilted Alexander Wang Duffle in luggage.. love the quilted pattern and the added braiding on the handle, the little details make a huge difference to this already popular bag. I wish it came in other colors and materials as well....

Available Here at Opening Ceremony