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Look what the cat cleaned up, showered, exfoliated, powdered, lipsticked, and dragged in...

Minus the exfoliation, powdered, and lipsticked, the title is rather accurate. After a long weekend of playing volleyball, I dragged my butt home and took a nice relaxing shower to wash away the aches and pains from diving all over the ground. Since it was early, I decided to take pictures of some new items I got. Skinned knees are the hazards of volleyball. Sorry ahead of time for the amateur pictures, still do not have the hang of self timing with no tripod.

(top: anthropologie |skirt: h & m |bag: Alexander Wang Diego |shoes: Jessica Simpson Dany)

The bag I recently purchased on ebay.. love the color and style in person.. The skirt was a bargain I got from H&M for $5.. great sale that ended up with me buying a bunch of stuff. Kind of reminds me of an Alexander Wang skirt but more drapey:

Available here at shopbop

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