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Denim Cut Offs

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, the holidays been proven to be super busy, both at work and on weekends.  I haven't had a chance to relax and take pictures as much as I would like.  Also the freezing cold hasn't helped my urge to go outside and take outfit photos for the blog.  Hopefully my time will free up soon and I can get back to blogging more!

Here's another throwback outfit from the summer.  How I long to wear an outfit like this right now.  Maybe on Sunday when the weather is supposed to be a whopping 63 degrees.  What's going on Mother Nature, aren't we supposed to wish for a white Christmas?!

Anyway, over the summer I had been searching for a pair of bleached denim cut offs at the right price.  Funny enough, a lot of my favorite cut off shorts come from Abercrombie, a place I don't shop at very often anymore.  My one big requirement for cut off shorts is that they don't have any spandex or stretch in them.  I find that shorts without stretchy materials age the best, especially on the cut off areas.  Abercrombie has a good selection of denim shorts, and they are always having sales online.  Make sure that if you're looking for a pair of denim shorts with no stretch, the material says 100% cotton.  I can't say anything about the fit for Abercrombie shorts because I usually order a whole bunch, hope for the best, and return the losers (a common shopping practice that I've developed).

(top: rag & bone |shorts: abercrombie |sneakers: Superga |bag: Mulberry Alexa)


  1. Ohh I love the bag a lot..I am so envy because right now is winter..U look amazing.xoxo

  2. great post!

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  3. I love all the denim and loooord i have already forgotten how sunshine feels on skin haha!

    xo Marlen
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  4. lovely blog, your layout is so cute! love the simple details:)


  5. love a great cut off short. my favourite are by ksubi. love your outfit, and your bag!

    reckless abandon

  6. casual look
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    Moda della donna


  7. I haven't worn denim cut offs in ages. It's summer here too! Your look is great. It would be perfect for summer.

  8. nice shoes! :*

  9. LOVE the Supergas! Just joined your lovely blog and look forward to following you.

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  11. Those shorts are soooo cute! I'm a bit opposed to Abercrombie, but I'll def have a look around for those 100% cotton!!



  12. Love the shorts, and the whole outfit!<3

  13. Sweet Blog site. I dig the blog:)

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  15. I adore your bag! I want it so badly as well!

    x Karen