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Time to drink and dance on the table!

The weekend starts right now for me, I'm taking Friday off to travel to a wedding in Vermont that my boyfriend is in.  Can't wait because it's going to be gorgeous weather and from what I can tell, the area of Vermont where we are going to be is beautiful.  A good little mini vacation for the two of us, I'll be sure to bring back some photos.

So I leave you guys with some Instagram photos from a couple months ago of a beer festival that I went with my friend to.  As far as my first beer festival, it was a good one.. besides the humungo line outside to get in.  Unfortunately it was freezing so I was thankful that I wore my coat rather than thinking I could get away with sucking it up outside just so I didn't have to carry anything once I got in.  Things I learned for future beer festivals include, make pretzel necklaces so as not to get wasted and get on the bathroom line early or you'll pee your pants before you get to it.  Here are some snapshots of some beers I wanted to remember, I'll share my outfit in the next post.  I went for comfort since I knew I'd be doing a ton of walking with people who would likely not be sober.

Some of the drinks I got to taste was the oldest beer in the world (delicious) and some organic tequila (surprisingly delicious).  It was a great first experience, we had no lines even though I'd heard that there are are usually super long lines to try the beers, so we all got a chance to try almost all the beers.  A must go for any beer drinkers out there!


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