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Welcome to the hootinanny

Conversation between me and the bf via text:

Me: guess what i'm wearing tonight
Trevor: daisy dukes and a plaid shirt with the bottom tied up and some boots
Me: (sarcastically) Correct
Trevor: really?
Trevor: no i'm not saying you shouldn't wear it, i was just surprised that i actually guessed it lol
Me: no i'm not actually wearing that trevor...
Me: my goal was totally to dress in a manner that i felt a stereotypically hick dresses

Little did I know, fashion at a Taylor Swift is exactly how my boyfriend envisioned it. My friend Nikki (whom I attended the concert with) made a little collage of the tweens/teens that attended the concert (making me feel incredibly old and second guessing my loyalty/love for Taylor Swift).

For anyone who's a fan sarcastic quips and pop culture, check out Nikki's tumblr here.


  1. I love it!!!!



  2. AHAHA funny how we've never actually seen taylor swift dressed as a stereotypical country girl (i think)

  3. hmm...i think shorts, boots and a random top is a go to for concerts always! shorts so you wont flash people, boots so it wont hurt when people step on you! of course accessories and the random shirt make a difference!

  4. I very like her :)