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I think I know, but I'm sure I don't care

Watched Date Night at the theater in a mall near my boyfriend's place. This was my idon'tcareit'sjustthemall outfit. Stopped by H & M to check out the Garden Collection however this H & M was lacking so I didn't see many pieces. Left with a blazer that was on sale.. and almost left with another blouse that I took a picture of. Most likely would have gotten it too had there not been a couple flaws in this one.. oh well I'll just have to stop by another H & M and grab it.


  1. That blouse is so freakin' pretty! I hate it that I don't have a H&M near by!

  2. oooh lovely blouse, i think thats the one i had my eye on last time i ventued into h&m!

    thanks for the comment on my blog! :)

  3. I love the white blouse. It's so whimsical! Love the blog.