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Don't make me laugh, I'm being photographed.

(top: H&M bottom: J brand jewelry: Elizabeth & James, Forever 21 shoes: Balenciaga) 

I got the bracelet at Forever 21 on Monday, it originally is supposed to be a necklace but I like the way it looks wrapped around my wrist as well. Going along with my love for purchasing the same item in two colors, I got it in gold and silver. It's available here. I love finding jewelry at Forever 21 because it's so wallet friendly.

Slowly playing with the settings on the camera.. my friend is into photography and taught me when I first got it, but since I never got a chance to use it, I forgot most of it. I have all these functions that I don't know how to use which is frustrating.

Lastly, if you notice, I'm wearing makeup in this post. I managed to find a lipstick I like, not much color, great for everyday wear. It's by Smashbox and the color is called Flawless. For more information, click here. Unfortunate, as I've previously mentioned, my knowledge in makeup is limited.. I actually have another friend for that stuff, heh.


  1. I love your top!


  2. Great pictures; I love the last one. And really clever how you wrapped the necklace!

  3. Even if you're new to it, I love how the photos have come out. I can never be bothered, and end up using Photo Booth instead ;)

  4. ahhhh those balenciaga shoes! they look SO GOOD on you!

  5. wow! love these photos!

  6. hi viv! nice site you got here with your friend :) i like your fashion :) especially your accessories :)

    thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog hun! you should definitely try exploring the world of makeup, its alluring. o:)