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Cute as a button, but not quite as smart.

Finally a break from all the rain, today and the rest of the week is supposed to be beautiful. Last minute, a family friend of ours asked if I could dog-sit, my dog and this dog are sisters but this dog is from a previous litter. They pretty much get along like two sisters would.. which is good and bad. Unfortunately the title says it all, the one I'm dog-sitting (the black one) has already gone in my house twice in 8 hours of having it. Taking pictures was impossible without having the two of them fighting at my feet, so I gave up and let them roam around. However the black one is super sweet (though not as bright).

On another note, I got my eyebrows threaded today.. I finally found a place that's cheap and close to work so I can keep it up. The woman said my eyebrows are messed up (just like the other 2 places I've got to in my life) and that I should let them grow out for 2 weeks and go back to her so she can fix them. I apologize ahead of time if I look slightly beastly in the upcoming posts.

(top: Free People dress: American Apparel shoes: Sam Edelman rings: Noir)

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  1. ohhh you have dachshunds! i love those dogs! great outfit too :)