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okay, true or false... I think you're great?

I purchased this top from Forever 21.. I've been indecisive about it for some time now but I think I'm going to list it on ebay. I just can't find anything to wear it with and I don't love it like I do some other pieces.. I'm getting into the bad habit of just purchasing items from Forever 21 without trying them on because the line is just ridiculous at the one I have to go to...

I like to take pictures in the bathroom, for some reason the lighting is better in there...


  1. I have the same top, it's cute but i think the lace looks and feels cheap. actually it started to rip at the seams. i have another lace shirt from UO i bought and i love it.. i posted it on my blog

  2. I take pictures in the bathroom all the time too. And I love your lace dress!

  3. like the lace, thsnks for the comment.
    great blog.

  4. its a really lovely dress but i agree with the first comment- the lace from f21 isn't the best quality

  5. I can't stand when I allow myself to do that! You think you're getting away with something by not taking the extra moments to try it on in the store dressing room before you go home, then once you do... regret, remorse, and a whole lot of self-disciplining ensues!! Lesson learned: never take a shortcut :)
    Hope you have a good weekend!

  6. Oh I really love that top! I bet you can find a way to work it in to your wardrobe - it looks really good on you!