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"Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world"
-Marilyn Monroe

I heard a news headline a couple of months back about women who were getting their toes surgically shortened or removing a pinky toe, all just to fit into their shoes!  I didn't stick around to watch the news story but it definitely made me think twice about the shoes I'm wearing.  I'm all about fashionable footwear, shoes are definitely one of my favorite accessories, but to sacrifice a toe for a pair of heels seems a bit excessive considering the reason a woman would do that would only be to get her foot INTO the shoe, not making the shoe more comfortable or anything.

Although I have a love of high heels for the length they give my stumpy legs, it's just not worth it to wear them all the time and damage my feet even further.  I had bunions through middle school and the beginning of high school and it wasn't because I wore heels, I just had always had them.  The realization came that my feet weren't the same as everyone else's when I went and had a conversation with my mom and said my feet were normal, did I compare our feet and see that I in fact had abnormal feet.  This lead to hiding me feet all summer long in sneakers and never having the chance to wear flip flops until junior year I got surgery to correct my feet.  I was fortunate because recovery from the surgery was quick and easy. It was liberating to be able to wear flip flops during warm weather.  

Anyway, listening to that headline made me a bit more conscious of my footwear choices, and I'm attempting to incorporate lower heels into my wardrobe.  Here's one of the newer pair of shoes that I think are unbelievably awesome.  I've seen these Pamela Love x Nine West boots circulating the blogosphere in black, but I don't see many in red, so I'm kind of happy black sold out so I could get red (although I'd probably have purchased and kept both given the chance).   Full outfit pictures to follow.

(boots: Pamela Love x Nine West)


  1. In TOTAL love with these shoes! Wow. And I cannot imagine getting a toe removed to fit in shoes....just....people never cease to amaze me!

  2. These boots are just amazing! Love the cap <3

    Trendy Teal

  3. nice baby!

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  4. Great post, loving your boots! :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  5. love it

  6. Love, love your shoes. I have bunions, always had 'em, ballet made them worse. I can tell you for sure that strengthening your feet really helps (even if you've had surgery). I'm afraid to have the surgery so I just try to work my feet out as much as possible!

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  9. The boots are amazing! Love it.



  10. WOW love the boots.
    LVE it
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  12. i love wedges and boots too. heels are fun but i can't last in them. it amazes me how some girls at my school wear them to classes all day lol those crazies!

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  13. That's really weird news. I mean, couldn't they find shoes where all their toes could fit? That's really absurd to me. Anyway, my cousin also has bunions. She doesn't seem to mind having them though. I'm glad you overcame it! :)

    xx Daphne of

  14. sometimes i second guess my heels too...nothing wrong with some stylish flats though!

    i hope you love my blog…it’s based in nyc –

    x Vittoria

  15. I love those boots! My husband has terrible bunions and is always self conscious about wearing that's great you got yours fixed!

    The Other Side of Gray

  16. I agree with you about taking care of my feet. I have a handful of comfy, worn-out shoes that I tend to slip on most days, despite that I have tons of tower high heels (that look brand-spanking new from rarely being worn). I always wonder about bloggers that are always wearing heels, if they really walk around in those all day?! It's crazy!

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  18. I used to buy heels that looked nice but they ended up being sooo uncomfortable for my feet! But because I wanted to look tall and have elongated legs, I wore them to parties and ended up paying a price for it. I didn't like how painful my toes felt the next morning :( I finally started buying less than 5" heels for a change, and some that I had to try on before buying because I wanted to assure my feet that it'll be good for the next few hours that I'll be wearing. I started getting boots (crazy for our equator weather in Singapore) but on some days it comes in handy as well. I totally agree and I can't agree more :)

    A really good looking red pair of boots (ESP RED) cos it's really nice and it's my favorite color :) But I'll definitely have a hard time between red and black if black wasn't out of stock!