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"Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together." -Elizabeth Taylor

Using a bicycle that isn't mine as a prop?..  Check.  At least I admit that the bike isn't mine, right??

I wore this Zara dress to a bbq of a friend of mine and when I went to go snap some photos of my outfit, my boyfriend thought it would be good to use this bike as a prop.  Of course you won't see the photos of me pretending that I rode it because I'm positive this bicycle is for someone about a foot taller than me that isn't wearing a dress.  This brings to mind the street style photos I've seen on blogs where women are dressed in intricate/fashionable outfits and are riding a bicycle (not just holding it and pretending like myself) in the middle of a road with what looks like cars in the background.  I'm seriously impressed by the ladies that have no fear of messing up their beautiful clothes or having a major spill whilst riding the bike and the possibility of THAT being photographed.

(dress & sandals: Zara |belt: J.Crew)


  1. pretty pictures and pretty dress!
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  2. adorable dress, bike and pictures!

  3. very nice look. i love the last pic

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  4. Aww, I love that last photo the most ;) You two are adorable!
    gorgeous dress girl, and the spiked sandals...well, you know how much I love spikes :)

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  5. Love your blog!
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  6. great look! the dress is gorgeous:) thank you so much for you suuuuper sweet comment dear:))) would you like to follow each other on GFC and bloglovin?? let me know:)


  7. The dress looks beautiful on you!

  8. great great taste! really like your blog darling..
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    love to u sweetie


  9. Lovely outfit :)

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  10. You look so pretty! I like the laid back look with the dress and the sandals! :D

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