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Think about baby Jesus up in that tower letting his hair down so the 3 wise men can climb up spin the dradle & see if there are 6 more weeks of winter

Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all are having a wonderful time. Unfortunately I've been in bed all day due to getting sick. Now off to Christmas dinner at a family friend's house. My family doesn't really do much for Christmas, which I don't particularly mind.. it's just the spirit of Christmas that I enjoy.. all the gift giving and the stuffing of faces with lots of baked goods and candy and the appreciation of what others have done for you for the year.

(top: Forever 21 |bottom: Genetic denim |shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Lita |ring: Soixante Neuf |bag: Alexander Wang Eniko)


  1. j'adore ton jean, et tes chaussures, ainsi que ta bague. très jolies photos
    Merry christmas

  2. That's an awesome look! INSTANTLY fell in love with the flared jeans + platform shoes (or are they boots?) combination. Nice '70s or disco chic there. Your tunic is cute too. All in all... lovely! :)

    By the way, Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

  3. Fantastic look, love the lita!

  4. Cool outfit!

  5. Oh, a note from my previous comment... I found out those Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" shoes are lace-up ankle boots. The platform base is very hot. Hiding these under a pair of flared pants or jeans makes them even more irresistable as well as offering some '70s chic. You still look amazing regardless in these pictures.

  6. wow the jeffrey cambell boots... just love them!!

    Haru x

  7. Wow those boots :D

    Happy new year*