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sit back down where you belong, In the corner of my bar with your high heels

Saw Lady Gaga on Wednesday at Madison Square Garden. Usually I wouldn't pay so much to go to a concert, but she is definitely worth seeing. Her voice is simply amazing. The only part that wasn't so great was the girl sitting in front of us who kept standing and flailing her arms up so we couldn't see (or sit) otherwise we'd miss everything (this is including costume change times where there really was little point in standing).. my friend Nikki and I were ready to kick this girl in the shins. But otherwise a great experience that I would totally do again!

She also sang this song I had heard once before that isn't on her album called You and I... the title of this post is part of the lyrics to it.. if you want to hear it you can youtube it.. I absolutely love this new song.

Nikki managed to sneak in her nice camera so she got some great shots even though we were sitting far away.

(images courtesy of Nikki P.)

now put your paws up little monsters.


  1. MAD! Would love to see gaga x

  2. l.gaga rulezz...she's an icon!!!

  3. omg she amazing !!!! I would lov to see her

  4. I'm so jealous. I missed Lady Gaga when she was in Boston, but these photos are making me wish I had gotten tickets. I would have loved to see her show. I can only imagine how crazy and theatrical she would be live!

  5. i was there on Tuesday and the same girl must have been in front of me as well! please tell me IMMEDIATELY what camera these were taken with!! The shots are amazing!!!

  6. Great pics! I regret not having gone when she came here, hoping she will do another world tour whenever her next album comes out!

  7. Phenomenal pictures - I love the wedding dress shot!


  8. love lady gaga!!! saw her 2 summers ago. she's so good live.

  9. I love her...little fame monsters!.lol.
    great blog...and your newest follower!
    (hope you visit and maybe follow!.XOXX)

  10. You're so lucky to have seen her!

    Embracing Style

  11. that looks like an amazing show. camera's weren't allowed?

  12. looks like you had lots of fun at this amazing show! I really like you look.

  13. Can't believe I haven't made it to a Gaga show yet!!
    She is soooo hot!!!
    Love ur blog!
    Kisses n hugs xooxoxo
    Beckerman Girls

  14. i'm so jealous you got to go to the show! i wanted to see her in boston but it had already sold out by the time i tried to get tickets. she is amazing! love her style.