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And there's no aspect, no facet, no moment in life that can't be improved with pizza.

I have now also joined Pinterest, you can find me here (I've also added a link to follow me on the right side of my page). So far Pinterest has been much easier to use than Twitter. Maybe it's the whole picture aspect, I was never one for words (I say that and yet I have a blog..). So far I have found lots of delicious looking recipes on Pinterest that my bf and I will be trying out. It's basically people sharing images of stuff they like and you can "repin" things other's have posted and you like as well, or just click "like" (similar to Facebook), if you like what they've posted. Check it out though, it's pretty cool and makes it really easy to find a ton of new items that you would have never known about!

And pictured below is my Tarte Lip Stain in Amused. See what I mean? Bright Pink.


  1. don't you love the Tarte lipsurgances?! I have it in the lighter pink, totally blanking on the name. they are so smooth and pigmented

  2. Haha love the post title!

  3. Great post, Thanks for your comment!

    Please take a minute to look at my trunkshow;

  4. Thanks for your comment dear! Yes we can follow each other, that would be awesome! Xx

  5. i love pizza! :) hehe