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Over the weekend I spent time with a volleyball friend around her area (cute young professional town). Snapshots of the coffee shop where we discussed blogging topics, I let her know my experiences at expensive department stores and here's what she came up with:

"I went to the Saks' friends and family sale - dangerous place to encounter the most heinous of shoppers. the girls that buy to buy. Have no sense of style, buy the most expensive bags, shoes, clothes, just to have them. Just to impress their friends...who are just like them."

Now this isn't to say that I feel as if I have great style or anything, but I kind of sort of hate it when you see girls buying all these expensive beautiful items and manage to make it look bad. Having some style is when you can make Forever 21 look chic and expensive (and I've seen many people do this). Not to mention in Saks, the sales associates just brush you off if you don't look like their version of what expensive is. Spent 15 minutes waiting for someone to help us behind the counter just so we could look at some Ray-Ban's ultimately leaving because the sales associate was helping someone else who they thought was "more important." Bloomingdale's wasn't much better, me and my friend got looks up and down like we didn't belong. I'm a self conscious person to begin with so it really makes me go to online shopping a ton more, ah well, the perils of the mall.

My friend rocking my Karen Walkers


  1. Unas fotos preciosas!

  2. Last flowers are beautiful. An interesting note.

  3. beautiful photos !

    ellie oxoxox

  4. Love your blog <3

    Check out my new blog - :))

  5. Great pics!! i love flowers!!

  6. Funny that I posted a blog entry last night on florals in fashion... and here are some flowers. They look beautiful. Cool pictures!

  7. Love the pic of the cherry blossoms!
    Hate snotty sales associates. I know I shouldn't care about what they think, but they make me want to sprint out of the store. Fast.

  8. Love the pictures!! Hate sales associates thats why I go online shopping LOL

  9. Very interesting posts, I totally agree with you: the service at some luxury stores is bad if they don't feel you look "important" enough!

  10. I totally agree with you! What about when you walk through the perfume section and they only offer the samples to "certain" people that they think can afford them. Not that I want to be bombarded with sales associates, but that always annoys me!

    Live Life in Style

  11. Beautiful blossomed tree!Love it!

    Have a great weekend!